Welcome, my name is Michelle Vidler and I am based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. Since 2012 I have had the wonderful opportunity to be supportive, understanding, provide a safe non judgemental space and assist others in creating their dream life and deal with past issues that were holding them back from achieving inner peace. 


These life  changes have made a difference in so many lives and possible/achievable with my varied services including Psychic Readings, Life and Business Coaching, mentoring to Celebrities and others in the industry, Reiki, Akashic Record Healings and Readings, Teaching and writing Meditation for personal and spiritual development, intuitive Child Behaviour Analyst (in-depth study plus loads of experience has attributed to this), developing courses including online for easy access at your leisure with a formula that actually works so you are able to utilise it in your daily life as a whole.


I also write free blogs on various important life topics including strengthening your Intuition so that you too are able to make that difference in your life with some of my shared skills. This can even include starting up your own successful business and getting guidance on advertising, branding etc from my readings, Podcasts for radio have been rewarding and helped various people with Northern Beaches Radio etc combined with television appearances on Channel 7 Two, Expo with PTV for readings as well as with featured article in Thats Life Magazine published Australia Wide.

Readings have also been a part of assisting clients as a whole. I look at what you need in order to move forward and feel contentment. Many A  list celebrities have loved my Psychic and Soul Purpose Akashic Record Readings for years. I have used my Intuitive Business Coaching to help give you active tools to set up working for yourself tailored to what you need as a person. No two sessions are the same. You are unique and the answers you require in a phone or in person session differ from another persons requirements.  I look at my services to assist you as a whole so that you can make the best life decisions that suit your needs.

My story is unique that has allowed me to work with you or someone you know, prior to resuscitation years ago I was psychic since childhood but when I flatlined and had my near death experience I was blessed to return fully connected to the Universe where I went before returning. This has been one of the best things to happen to me because I have utilised it in my personal life to feel inner peace plus more and work with others to understand who they are to the core and live happier lives. Combined with a certification in Life Coaching including Business this has been the fundamental basis of starting to help others through life challenges, grief or life changes because this gift has helped me so much in my own life why not share parts of it with you to utilise in your life in moving forward and feelings content within.

The aim of a Reading or Coaching Session is to give you that clearer understanding of what and why events have occurred (when you know their place life becomes less complicated and past hurts often mend), how life is travelling now and its purpose for the long hall plus what your future holds. You are able to ask questions for clarity, there are no general readings with me because I believe in passing on messages from the Universe to give you that very clear picture so you are able to feel more empowered and understand what steps you may wish to decide to take on your life journey. You can also ask questions if you want to as well in your life.

I also coach and give answers on exactly how to develop your own Psychic or Spiritual Gifts to run your own business and help others around you. Many people come to obtain guidance towards their Life Purposes or how to enhance a business that is in alignment with what is right for them. I am just the messenger and find that regardless of where you are in life right now, if you are wanting deep answers from the Universe here is a great place for you to be.

Take that next step in your life towards finding that inner calm and please look at my various Coaching, Readings, Blogs and Store. Also feel free to subscribe in the contact me section on this website I do not spam it is purely for you to be updated on any Podcasts, Webinars, Live Streams, Meditations, YouTube Channel Topics, Courses and Freebies coming up! plus some great blogs are included for you.

Let's Make 2020 TheBest Year Yet! I look forward to helping you along the way in whatever form that may take.

I believe you can achieve and succeed in your life!




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