April 29, 2016



We are all born with a Third Eye that is otherwise known as our sixth sense. It remains in-between your two physical eyes and in alignment with your eyebrows where its position is located in the middle of your forehead.


If you draw an imaginary line between both of your eyebrows and place your Third Eye (the shape of an actual eye itself) into the middle of this it will slightly extend upwards to approximately two centimetres high. The bottom of it drops down approximately one centimetre in le...

April 12, 2016

Ancient Indians believe that the Chakra System in our bodies consist of 7 energy centres.


This affects the way we feel about ourselves. our inner peace and emotional state. When they are clear from energetic blockages our bodies are able to perform at their peak.


Often over time these blockages which we hold onto manifest into a physical illness. This is why Reiki was established to help speed up the recovery process by energetically unblocking each chakra.


Why would Reiki help? you may ask yo...

April 12, 2016



By connecting to your own guardian angel in life you are able to receive guidance and messages on important life decisions to make, gain an understanding into why particular life events are happening, acknowledge and identify repeat patterns which are holding you back and help you find ways to make your dreams come true. Plus once you have established a strong connection with your guardian angel you will feel peace, support and love whenever they are around you. Please note that you can also c...

April 12, 2016

-Michelle Vidler

Throughout the dreaming process your mind connects with its subconscious side allowing you to access your intuition and discover how you truly feel to the core about aspects of yourself and life in general. It also allows you to release any pent up stress or feelings which you have taken on recently.


This can be informative for self-development purposes by seeing symbols, colours, numbers, animals or experiencing strong emotions during the dream.


We are able to gain a much deeper understanding o...

April 12, 2016

-Michelle Vidler



Space Clearing your home for a lighter feeling to promote general well-being and happiness is crucial. Often we focus on financial responsibilities, relationship interactions between family or partners which are predominantly discussed in the household.


Turbulent times are more likely to displayed indoors instead of out in public.


Our living space is where we allow ourselves to relax, feel an array of emotions and retreat from the outside world.


All kinds of things can affect how your energy f...

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