This relaxing meditation has been created by myself and will safely and effectively guide you into a more relaxed state where your mind is able to unwind, connect to the body and help calm down those extra nerve signals firing in overdrive to the conscious part of your mind. This often is a result from focusing on a particular life area a lot with thoughts circling around your mind over time. 


When you are feeling stessed or being faced with a loss, experience sudden important or multiple life changes, notice relationship issues/challenges, have change occur as a result you often develop overthinking patterns that present themselves in your life daily ongoing affecting inner peace and clarity until the mind calms these signals down which this meditation is ultimately designed to achieve.


By listening to this meditation where possible your body will feel the benefits starting off with your subconscious part of the mind and like an onion layer by layer as you continue to relax over time replayign this meditation your mind is able to be the gateway to instant calm in many situations that present themselves with daily living.


Once this is established your subconscious part of the mind is able to focus and be the point of access to further decision making allowing you to follow your heart much easier and be less stressed.


Invest in yourself today! you deserve it! once purchased you will receive an instant download to save to your devices for an easy listening experience any time you desire.

Breaking Free Of Negative Thoughts And Overthinking