Dalmation Jasper


Chakra: Works primarily on your Solar Plexis


The Dalmation Jasper stone assists you in breaking down emotional barriers such as fear, guilt, anger, blame, hurt, depression, feelings of numbness towards a person or relationship and any barrier stopping you from moving forward. These barriers are a product that have created to protect yourself but with the use of this stone, the vibrational frequency helps you to release these feelings. It is also used for psychic protection and spiritual grounding.


This handpicked quality stunning crystal pendant is like no other on the market because its frequency is tailored to you. Amongst receiving its natural healing benefits, I will encode and attune it to your psychic channel and infuse wonderful Reiki Healing Energy into it for you or the person who you purchase it for using my own connection to where I went in the universe prior to resuscitation. This ensures that your crystal is able to work with you at the highest level possible. 


This may include gently and safely opening your psychic channel to its maximum capacity, releasing and removing fear, feelings of anxiety or depression, help eliminate self-doubt, aid in sleeping better, achieve abundance in career, love and wealth etc. Your pendant will also come strung on a black leather feel cord. 


This stone is found in Mexico and is a natural stone which is Quartz based with brown and blackish spots. These are made from Black Tourmaline or Dravite (Brown Tourmaline). Each crystal is hand picked by me to guarantee good quality and a excellent high grade energy for each stone to be effective. The higher the vibration and the better the grade of the stone the stronger the stone is to work with.


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This sale price includes being sent via Registed Post at no additional charge so that you are able to track its porcess from being sent right through to delivery.

Unique Reiki Healing Pendant (Dalmation Jasper Black Cord)

  • Upon purchase please let me know your full name and age or the person that you are purchasing it for.