Dying To Come Back!


This real life audio account is like sitting down and having a coffee with me whilst I share my most personal resuscitation experience and how I came back still fully connected to the Universe where I went and am profoundly psychic as a result. This audio book is enlightening and will assist you in life towards your own self-understanding and happiness.


I outline very personal details never shared until now of my "Near Death Experience". This amazing informative encounter will fill in gaps for your own questions of life after death. It also highlights how you feel once your heart stops beating when saying goodbye to loved ones in spirit before leaving this life. 


I explain what Life Purposes are, how events/happenings in life occur and why it is important to connect in with your true life calling also by listening to yourself on that core level your soul is able to be a necessary compass through out your life's journey to help you grow and develop with a deeper sense of who you truly are on those core levels and just why you are living your life on Earth. 


This audio encounter will give you answers that no one else can explain. Don't delay invest in listening today. Once purchased at the sale price of only $10 you will receive an automatic download to save on any devices for your convenience.





Dying To Come Back! Audio Book

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  • The photo is the first time me and my baby were reunited after being resuscitated. That moment I knew we were going to make it despite Dr's stating that I could still not live. My son gave me the strength to fight and survive