If you overthink, worry about life situations, fear change/ how others view you/are concerned with making negative choices or your image then this meditation that I created is perfect for you to zone out and be more present in the moment. It will help your mind to not only relax during the meditation but will help give you the tools during future life events to breathe, focus, gain more clarity and access the subconscious part of your mind  automatically where your intuiton is as well as the answers to what you truly desire.


In life our brain gets used to following the conscious mind as an automatic response after a stressful event or ignoring our own needs. However the human mind is designed to listen to the subconsious part of the brain (we are born this way) when you get off track from overthinking then listen to this meditation when you can and I can help assist you further on your life journey.


Invest in yourself today! let me share my gift, expereice and passion used to create this meditation to help you find more relaxation and some inner peace where possible. It is an automactic download to save to your devices for easy listening.  





Let Go Of Anxiety, Fears, Worry And Self-doubt