This is an opportunitty of a Life Time! Invest in yourself today and listen to this very safe, relaxing, guided meditation.


I share/utilise my gifts and Psychic Channel connection to where I went in my Near Death Experience to not only open your Third Eye but connect you in the Universe that is the correct level for your own personal psychic ability stage as everyone varies to what stage/level they are at. You can listen to this being a beginner to an advanced Psychic or Intuitive. With practice and trusting your own Intuiton over time you will continue to develop to the appropriate stage for yourself.


You will be able to use your unique gifts to the best of your ability, please note this meditatiton is to open your Third Eye to build on your gifts from there. Psychic development often takes time and varies from person to person. I will be having more meditatitons to help you each step of the way as this is a great asset to have now. Opening your Third eye and channel to the Universe is a necessary foundation to build from.


The secret to developing your Intuition and abilities more is by having an open Third Eye and Psychic Channel to the Unvierse. When you don't have your Psychic Channel connected initially to the Universe it makes it difficult to decifer images or messages that they send your way, passed over loved ones are included and to receive more clear guidance on decisons to make that is in your best interests/ in alignment with your life purposes/souls path this is a great step to take/assist you by regularly listening to this meditation.


By following this meditatiton you open your channel in a safe environment. I hold the space for you and work behind the scenes during this meditation to make sure your channel is clear of any energy blockages and connected to the Universe. You just need to work on strengthenig your own Psychic abilities to receive messages in any form from the Universe.


Don't delay! now is the time for you to continue to grow and this is the next step on your life journey.



Opening Your Third Eye And Connecting To Your Psychic Channel Guided Meditation