Past Trauma Has No Power Over Me! 


This beautiful meditation is absolutley like no other on the marketplace today. It has been designed by me who has studied trauma aspects in the past. I too have lived/bounced back/recovered through multiple trauma's myself. The way that I overcame trauma and gained inner peace is by using some of the effective techniques that are shared in this meditation with you. Allow me to help you today with this instant download.


During your meditation, I will safely walk you into a relaxed state, allow your mind to access the subconsious where all trauma is stored without having to re-live traumatic events. The music is at a high frequency so that your brain waves can match it and allow the nerve signals to the brain to calm down and replace old outdated life patterns/defence mechanisms with new ways that work for you. This is in order for your mind to be in tune with your body and what it truly desires/needs/wants. "Past Trauma Has No Power Over Me Meditation" is highly unique as I work with science, how your brain functions, alongside my psychic/spititual gifts that make this meditation popular and in demmand.


Take a great positive step today and gift yourself with the tools towards transformation without the hard work. 



Past Trauma Has No Power Over Me Meditation