You are buying 1 Powerful High Vibrational White Selenite (Moonstone) faceted pendulum with chain. The length of the pendulum plus chain is approximately 23 cm. Please note that natural gemstones have natural inclusions and colour variations. Each pendulum is different and uniquely yours.


Your Pendulum is unique because I will attune and code it to your own Personal Akashic Records (your Energetic Blueprint to life). This allows Spirit, Passed over loved ones, Angels and Your Guides to connect into the energy of your Pendulum swinging at each time a question is asked by yourself to help relay more clearer messages when using this tool.


Please note that each person is on their own Spiritual Path and at various stages/levels. Indiviual results may apply. The more that you use your Pendulum the easier it will be to receive clearer anwers. This crystal is attuned to your own Psychic Channel but it is up to you to relax and remain open to receving the messages that Spirit is providing at any given time. With practice this will come more easily. At first it is best to ask short yes or no questions and then work on complex ones when ready. 


I will also provide you with the right way to swing your Pendulum that works for your own Psychic Connection to understand a yes or no answer with the way it swings.


Registered Post is at no extra cost and is Australia Wide.


TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT! Powerful White Selenite Pendulum

  • Postage is Registered at no extra charge Australia Wide. Your Pendulum will be sent within 2-4 Business Days. 

  • Please choose carefully because your Pendulum is uniquely coded to yourself or the person who you are buying it for therefore it can not be returned for change of mind purposes.


    If by some rare chance your Pendulum Crysyal is faulty I will replace it but you are required to pay for postage to return the original Pendulum to me before a new one is provided.  This is not covered for any misuse.