This stunning handmade Dream Catcher comes in the colour Blissful White, has a Crochet design inside the circle/rim itself (rim measures 6.5cm accross the diameter) and measures from the top to bottom 60CM in length making it a perfect size. Around the outside presents a luxious velvet feel material. Each feather is placed to hang on your wall to assist you in evoking relaxation when looked at.


I will attune this beautiful Dream Catcher to your own Psychic Channel and connect it to your personal main Spirit Guide so that you are able to receive its maximum healing benefits. In the paracel you will receive this guides name so you are able to visualise or call upon him or her anytime to assist you. A description of what they look like and purpose in your life with any additional techniques to connect with them further are also included.


This will help promote a better sleep pattern, allow you to rest feeling protected by your Guide when sleeping, assist you in receiving messages from your Spirit Guide when dreaming to help you make further decisions in life and allow you to gain a deeper connection to your Spirit Guide all round. I will also infuse it with wonderful Reiki Healing Energy to assist you further in being more energtically clear from holding onto others energy that you can encounter.


This is a once in a life time opportunity for you to gain a clear understanding on who your main Spirit Guide is and have this Dream Catcher attuned to your own Psychic Channel assisting you in developing further on your Spiritual Journey.


For ONLY $70 you will receive: 

1. This beautiful Dream Catcher attuned to your Psychic Channel 

2. Have Reiki Energy Infused into your Dream Catcher

3.  Your Dream Catcher will be sent via Registered Post Australia wide within 2 working days

4. In the Parcel you will receive your main Spirit Guides name who is working with you, their role, a description of what they look like and further techniques to connect with them further.


There is linited stock so please get in quick to avoid disappointment!


Stunning Dream Catcher & Spirit Guide Reading

  • Your Dream Catcher will be sent Australia wide via Registered Post within two working days after purchase.