Amethyst Crystal 


Works on your Third Eye, Psychic Channel and Chakra Systems


This powerful stone is an intense energy which allows it to work on opening up your Spiritual Channel, assist you in receiving messages from Spirit, is great to use in Meditation, allows you to release feelings of stress, promotes clarity when making decsions and helps clear any energetic blockages that you have in your body or store in each Chakra.


This crystal has a lovely soft feel to it allowing you to tune into its frequency easily. You will be drawn to the Amethyst crystal if you need to draw on its strength to help you with some extra Self-Confidence, be more in touch with your intuiton and have it help you release any past energy around relationships with other or yourself that you are holding onto.


The Amysthest uses its energy to aid with a deeper sleep and will help you during daily life to feel calm, self-assaured and see things in a clear light. 


This handpicked quality stunning crystal pendant is like no other on the market because its frequency is tailored to you. Amongst receiving its natural healing benefits, I will encode and attune it to your own body systems energetically or the person that you are buying it for with wonderful Reiki Energy to assist you in clearing energy that you have taken on from others or any areas which Spirit is able to help you with using this crystal.


This may include Spirit gently and safely opening your psychic channel to its maximum capacity, releasing and removing fear, feelings of anxiety or depression, help eliminate self-doubt, aid in sleeping better, achieve abundance in career, love and wealth etc. Your pendant will also come strung on a leather style black cord.


This sale is on for a limited time so don't delay order your special pendant today!


If you would like it on a silver chord please email me and advise at time of purchase I have a few left in silver colour and gold. I will do my best for you to receive your desired colour if it is not the lovely black chord.



Beautiful Reiki Energy Infused Pendant (Amethyst Black Cord)

  • Upon purchase please let me know your full name and age or the details of the person who you are purchasing this product for so I can connect into their energy and code this wonderful handpicked pendant.