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Finding your Life Path!

We are all here to develop spiritually which is why everyone has a series of Life Purposes to complete.

Many feel success and happiness is from the outside in for example a career or that nice home but spirt has other plans.

When we tick off these Life Purposes then the feeling of knowingness, contentment, self-love and the ability to manifest beyond our desires falls into place. Everything all boils down to working from the inside out not outside in for the remedy to self-fulfilment.

Throughout your life many lessons will come your way. Often we feel sorry for ourselves and complain about these issues impacting our lives. When you work on loving who you are to the core, understanding what makes you tick and your own self-beliefs then you are on track to completing those Life Purposes. It doesn't mean that we will die once they are achieved but rather live a very peaceful abundant life emotionally. You still get dramas from others after all we are human but when these events occur you will be centred and calm deep within. Your intuition will know exactly what to do at that time and the right path to take.

Some steps to start you on the path to happiness are listed below:

1) It is important to get in touch with what your soul truly desires minus the fears or others opinions. By writing in a journal each day which is for your eyes only then you are able to view aspects of yourself which are positive and identify those negative repeat patterns in life that you are not aware of right now.

2) Record each emotion that you are feeling at that time and try to look at the reason why not just what someone has said to make you angry or happy. This is a core reflection of you. This is you giving yourself a gift of love, kindness and understanding so please be gentle with your criticism. For every negative seek a positive point about your progress in life.

3) Positive affirmations do work. The trick is to say them as many times as you like in a day. Pick a short and to the point one or create one yourself such as " I am strong in body, mind and spirit" or " I love myself and I am making my dreams come true" or " I deserve love and happiness". Essentially you are re-training your mind to get rid of unwanted negative self-talk that no longer serves you. You will find that your outlook is more positive and you feel calmer within. This will take around 12-17 days to have its full effect.

4) When a negative thought comes into your mind say to yourself "I have no room in my life for this" and literally visualise pushing it out of your mind in front of you or placing these thoughts into a big box in a boat and pushing them down a stream. The point is that you are getting it out of your minds eye and releasing the feelings attached to it as much as you can at this stage.

5) Create a wish jar where you place bits of paper in it writing positive thoughts on dreams that you wish to achieve in the future. Put it on the shelf and open it up when you are feeling the need for further inspiration. Or if you are more visually minded create a canvass vision board with cut outs and pictures of what you truly want and place it on a wall which you can see daily.

6) Have a two week "drama detox". This is you taking care of yourself and detaching from others problems. For the two weeks you pamper yourself by eating good foods, have a massage, create more time for yourself. avoid negative or energy draining people, avoid crowds where possible and look at it as a mini retreat to revitalise your energy. Also try to refrain from having the phone near you as much. Basically have anything that nourishes your soul to feel good. It is also a great idea for this timeframe to avoid sad stories such as the news. Instead replace TV programs that upset you or are violent with relaxing music, candles and even a nice block of chocolate/some wine?. Do what works for you.

By making these adjustments in your life, then it will enhance your confidence, well-being and inner-strength.


Michelle x

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