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How can the total solar eclipse on 8 March, 2016 help you?

Scientifically on 8 March 2016, a complete Solar Eclipse is set to take place. This will be visible from parts of South and East Asia where they will see the full swing of its beauty whereas North and West Australia will be able to admire its partial view. This eclipse is predicted to last for 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

On a spiritual note, each and every persons body has been attuned to the ocean tides and moon cycles for hundreds of years. Our direct channel to spirit and intuitive abilities rely on this which is why our star sign correlates with our individual personalities throughout life. It certainly is not by chance. Also the time of birth is always important for astrologers to record when reading into your life patterns. We also have elements which are on the stars inside our bodies, essentially making us partially star dust.

However there is much more than just a beautiful natural occurrence that will take place on 8 March 2016. Spiritually, the Universe is invoking each and every one of us to seek changes in our lives to move forward and manifest a life of internal happiness and success by following our heart and making those dreams come true. They would like us to look at following our dreams by removing and clearing any aspects of our lives which are holding us back from being our true authentic self such as letting go of past traumas, feelings of fear, anxiety and any repeat patterning that no longer serves us for our highest good.

During this time don't be surprised if you feel your more connected to your intuition this is because spirit wants you to open your channel to them so they can help you more in life. You may also have feelings of being on edge or experience highly sensitive emotions around others opinions towards you. Your sleep patterns usually alter within a few days either side of an eclipse taking place where you will have random dreams, lucid dreaming cycles and find it harder to feel refreshed in the morning upon waking up. This is because all the energy is clearing deep within you.

You may also notice that it feels like the day is going way too fast for you. This day is also the best time to work on following your dreams such as writing that song, telling your partner how you feel about them or even deciding to open up to a new career path which will make you feel emotionally happy and more suited to your needs such as becoming a Midwife or School Teacher if you love children.

You may find that "the fog has been lifted" so to speak seeing others true intentions and colours clearly who you interact with as your sixth sense is heightened today. Energetically you will probably feel the importance to trust both your instincts and intuition on everything that you notice about these people.

Also you may notice feelings of questioning your own self-belief and internal dialogue will come up around this day lasting on average for a further 5-7 days depending on how quickly you address these emotions to move forward from them. This is a positive new chapter in your life ready to begin and set you free emotionally where possible.

Solar Eclipse

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