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Your Akashic Records are the link to understanding!

Akashic Records are essentially the blueprint to your life where your life purposes are stored similar to a book form inside an energetic pyramid. We are down here to work on developing our soul to become the best that we can be. These life purposes are guidelines to make sure it happens. Life lessons are the stumbling blocks or emotional issues which happen along the way so we address these aspects to tick off each life purpose. Once these have been worked on you will feel confident, self-content, inner peace, self-love and be able to manifest a life that you truly desire without internal emotional fears or road blocks holding you back.

With an Akashic Reading you ascertain exactly what each life purpose is, how many you have ticked off, what life lessons are coming your way and any negative repeat patterns, just how to work at removing them and techniques to tick off the life purposes to gain that inner self-fulfilment more.

This is where you truly get to know the core you. No matter what others opinions in life are what truly counts at the end of the day is what you believe about yourself and what emotional aspects which you have actually taken on board. When you feel stuck in life or unable to move forward this is all linked into your Akashic Records. You are able to clear emotional fears, repeat patterning, remove any future negative patterning to choosing the same type of partner, clear trauma and past events which no longer serve you and replace them with self-love, aspects which you want to create such as abundance and contentment. Because every single thing is recorded in your Akashic Records you are able to clear negative patterns which are holding you back. The universe wants you to succeed and be happy internally so as long as you are working alongside your soul purposes then you are able to create that life you desire without others impacting you with their own fears or limitations.

I have done thousands of these readings and healing's for people and love how they flourish and create such success on their life path. I personally do this on myself and have cleared many repeat patterning as well as emotional stumbling blocks which has left me feeling confident and self-content in multiple ways. I now am comfortable with who I am and enjoy helping others. This is one of the main reasons that I do readings. To see others develop, succeed and grow in ways that they never dreamed possible.

Whilst you have life purposes we have many choices to what avenues we take in life. Only very little is set in stone that we can not change which is stored in our Akashic Records for our own highest good anyway. Life is what you make of it and when you gain that knowledge of yourself on what makes you tick deep down and what your dreams are. Encompass your vulnerabilities and follow your dreams, then nothing can hold you back.

I ask that you take an hour out tomorrow to think about what will truly make you happy on a soul level for yourself. Counting all of your emotions and looking at any repeat issues which appear to be standing in your way. Seek the solution and take one step at a time. Before you know it, you will have exceeded your expectations.

Follow your heart wherever it leads.


Michelle x

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