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Connecting to your Guardian Angel

By connecting to your own guardian angel in life you are able to receive guidance and messages on important life decisions to make, gain an understanding into why particular life events are happening, acknowledge and identify repeat patterns which are holding you back and help you find ways to make your dreams come true. Plus once you have established a strong connection with your guardian angel you will feel peace, support and love whenever they are around you. Please note that you can also call on them anytime.

Signs to know that your guardian angel is with you are:

1. You may feel a slight breeze against your arms or back, it could be tingling in your hands or even on your head. If you feel emotions strongly and can sense easily in life then your angel will work on you feeling them around. Ask for them to show you their presence by feeling something.

2.The most common sign is a high pitch ringing in the ear. Since 98% of people connect to their angels and sprit using the left hand side of their body it is important to look down to the left and ask them to tell you messages as this is your channel to them. When you hear a ringing sound it means that your angel is talking to you but your channel needs to be opened more (see the description below on how to do this). Also relax, take three deep breaths into your abdomen and even ask one question at a time. These messages that you receive usually start off as one or two words and over time will go to full sentences.

The quickest and most effective way to open your channel to your angel is to stand tall, close your eyes, in your mind imagine the brightest gold light possible. Immerse it with glitter (similar to a gold glitter pen). Where I connect in the universe the purest form of light is gold and glittery. It also is the flow to many aspects of channelling.

You can't go wrong with this colour. Now imagine that you are surrounded by a hard shell gold egg from the top of your head to the top of your feet not underneath them (this is very important). Then raise your left arm above your head keeping it on the left hand side and say "it is my intention to the universe to open up my channel as high and clear as possible to receive appropriate and clear messages, repeat so it is three times". Bring your left arm out in a half circle ending on the top of your foot staying standing still not bending over as you are visualising opening this gold egg and your channel.

Then repeat on the right hand side of your body. Also then imagine the gold glittery light flowing out from the top of your head above your crown chakra (top of head is where this is for those who are not sure) going as high into the sky as possible and then focus on where you are in the room at present.

This is important to follow this last step as that is your receiving channel. The opening on either side is you connecting to your angel and the one above your head is like a phone line to get messages through as clear as possible.

3. Now, If you want to find out your guardian angels name a good way to try this is to either say " I ask my guardian angel to show or tell me your name". Then with a dull lit room, meditation music on and closed eyes slowly take three deep breaths into your abdominal area, notice how it rises and falls. Imagine in your minds eye calling in your guardian angel and ask Archangel Michael to be there with you for clarity and protection.

Notice a wooden door at the wall in your mind and slowly walk to it with your guardian angel. Pay attention to how he/she appears to you, try and gain a sense of how you feel towards them, are they showing you a smile? or do you sense warmth and love?. Then slowly walk through the door with them into a beautiful garden. Notice the flowers and walk along a paved path. Remain as relaxed as possible and try to keep mind chatter clear. Keep asking their name and see if it comes to you?.

Or go through a list of letters in your mind, imagine drawing that letter with a pen in the air. Anything that they want you to see be open to receiving and take your time. This may take a few separate attempts but have faith that at the right time you will know your guardian angels name. Then slowly walk back with them through the doorway into your chair. Say goodbye and draw your attention to your feet, legs, arms and press your back into the chair. When you feel fully present in the room slowly open your eyes and take a sip of water. In your mind thank your guardian angel for being present and helping you. If you didn't receive a name yet don't be disheartened as it will come in time.

4. Another good way to receive messages through channelling after doing step 2 is to light a white candle, put on relaxation music where you won't be disturbed, if you have Angel Cards then now is the time to use them. Also you can bring out a journal and ask for messages to come through, just write away and don't think. Some of it will appear jumbled at first but it will make sense to you on one level or another. Like anything it takes practice and time. Don't worry if you do not hear or see anything at first over time this will develop.

5. Another place that you could channel is when you are in the shower because your energy is being cleared by the water and it is an age old purifier. If you ask for your guardian angel to give you messages in any form such as showing you pictures in your mind or thinking of words then this may help you?. For example if they show you a beach then it symbolises the need for you to relax and clear others energy that you have taken on board energetically by walking upon the sand.

5. During times of emotional stress, fear, lack of clarity or worry you can always call upon your guardian angel anywhere to come and be by your side. A good example if possible would be to go outside on the grass barefoot in the fresh air as this will make you feel better and connect easier with them. You would say " I call upon my guardian angel now, to come down and be with me". By clearly setting the intention to the universe that you want them near you then your guardian angel is able to assist you straight away.

6. Once you have finished channelling you need to close down your space by saying "it is my intention to the universe to close down this space and bringing in my channel back to its original alignment, then say so it is three times in a row". Visualise the golden egg being closed from the left hand side from your feet up to your head and then repeat on the right hand side. Follow the steps as in step 2 but do it from the feet first this time not the head.

7. Then when you are feeling emotional, you can ask your guardian angel to give you a sign to comfort you. For example if you are driving then they can draw your attention to a car number plate with a word on it or repeat numbers to assist you during this time. The number 4 means that your angel is looking after you and there for you. The number 1 or 11 means open doorways into your life. Even the wording can can stand out on a number plate. They will draw your attention to what needs to come across at that time. You will notice the same pattern on watches, your phone for the time etc which will always have a spiritual meaning.

8. They also will often drop leaves in your path or you will be drawn to shapes of old ones on the ground for example it may be in the form of a love heart,showing you visual messages symbolising to opening your heart to love or if there are holes in the leaf repairing a fractured heart from past emotional hurt. You may stumble upon a coin or feather. The coin means that money is coming your way and a feather means that your angel is around or a passed over loved one is lovingly watching over you.

This is a great start to developing a strong bond with your guardian angel. The more you work with him or her the easier it is to receive messages from them and if you are a reader for others then connecting to your own guardian angel and guides as well as your clients will ensure more details come through.

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