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Healing your Heart!

How to heal your heart to find that everlasting love!

I have channelled this from the highest source using my connection.

Humans are designed to go through life and find that special someone who provides them with not only emotional support but fun adventures, a weak at the knees feeling and dependability that no matter what happens in life they feel supported. Often when a previous relationship ends how do you move forward?

Too many times many people seek the alternate way out, which I have done in the past as well by burying your feelings as deep down as possible and swearing that you will never feel vulnerable to another potential partner in the same way again. In actual fact endings are the best way for a healthy new beginning and often are essential for your own growth and happiness.

These feelings build up where you place an energetic wall around your heart and actually hinder yourself from feeling that true love that you deserve and desire.

What many people don't realise is that our heart has an energy centre called "the heart chakra" which is where all of the hurt and previous pent up emotional grief is stored. This is similar to a wounding but only on the inside so to others it can not be seen visually.

This is a protective mechanism that is commonly used to protect us from what we fear. Based on the Law of Attraction what we think we create. There are many aspects to ourselves on a mental/cognitive and physical level that we project, such as the desire for company and social expectations amongst our society as a whole. However, there is much more to life than what meets the eye.

The spiritual aspect of ourselves is the underlining issue and when we feel unworthy, blocked, fearful or re-creating the same type of relationship pattern or experiencing emotions of feeling trapped then we seek the internal body response called "the flight syndrome". This is where your body creates a surge of adrenalin to get out of any given situation where you feel there is a threat.

So it is no wonder that when you meet a series of unsuitable partners or potential suitors that your are left feeling negative or disappointed in the options. This is not a reflection on your self-worth at all. In fact it is simply that you are not open to love on the level that you desire. Therefore, these following steps will help you open up and be on your way to that everlasting love:

1. To find love you need to be clear to yourself by choosing exactly 5 minimal points that you will NOT compromise on no matter what. If any person does not match this, then walk away. This list can only be written by you as it is your life and your own criteria.

2. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes. I guarantee that person you still feel hurt over has moved forward in their lives regardless if it is in a positive or negative way. Staying stuck in the past with these emotions is only hurting yourself. You deserve to feel love and that relationship ended for a reason.

3. Let go of fear. This is the biggest challenge that will hold you back. The longer you succumb to feeling fear the bigger it appears in your heart and minds eye and more of a hold it has on your life. For you to move forward and feel emotional freedom then success needs to be worked on from within not outside factors such as that great career or a new clothing rack.

4. Let go of that sad story that you repeatedly tell yourself and your friends constantly reinforces this heart wounding which won't heal. In actual fact you survived this experience, have become wiser and are stronger for going through it. So therefore, you can experience love down the track when the timing is right for you. You just need your heart open to it. Why should the next partner be held accountable for your previous partners wayward behaviour which you saw as unacceptable?.

5. Know your worth, the universe will test you life lesson wise over and over again until you gain a sense of who you are deep down. Then they will bring in a partner to match. So if you are feeling low and vulnerable then your judgement is going to be a bit rose coloured. Whereas when you feel confident and love yourself again, won't accept less than what you deserve and know that you are a great catch then a strong and worthy partner will be attracted to your energetic output.

6. Let go of the pain, this is easier said than done. So the best way to get rid of emotional turmoil is to get it out of your heart and mind for as long as possible and then when it pops back in visually push it out each time as you have no room in your life for this. Say to yourself " I am worthy of love and moving forward".

So there are two methods which have worked for me (three different men). The first one is that I wrote a list of how he made me feel and burnt it. Please do this safely.

The other is a letter expressing your feelings and anger. Surprisingly this is therapeutic when you don't hold back and place it in an envelope with no writing on the front of it in an Australia Post Office Box. The workers throw it in the bin as there are no details and you have mailed it. Another option is to write it and cut it up into tiny pieces with your favourite pair of scissors alongside any photos visually cutting the chords to this person. Whilst listening to a strong song. Mine was "Next Time by Marie Wilson". It is on YouTube. A great moving on song.

7. Once you have freed yourself a little from the pain you are on your next step to finding that true love. Your Angels will support you and just know that by being open you can find it around the corner. When you open your heart then positive energy attracts positivity.

The universe has the power to bring your true love to you but you need to be ready otherwise the timing will be off and that opportunity will be missed out on. Then a future partner may not provide you with that same spark and connection if you refuse to work on yourself.

This is not an easy task but the best thing you will ever do.

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