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I saw the Pyramids!

When I had my Near Death Experience I saw the Pyramids!

As a child I was always drawn to the Pyramids and knew that there was a much deeper meaning to them. When I was in the tunnel going to the light before being resuscitated I saw them (the tunnel is clear). They are highly connected to the afterlife and one of the main reasons is that they are a focal point in history.

In actual fact the most purest form of energy that anyone can use in psychic development is "Gold Light".

I personally connect as high as possible during readings and it is always with gold glittery light. Not to mention our Akashic Records which is the blue print to our lives are based upon the pyramids.

It all is so closely linked that this ancient masterpiece also has the drawings on the walls inside to describe what the people were seeing. They were recording their psychic experiences with spirit on the walls to show others down the track. Many messages relayed were those of deep spiritual meaning to show life purposes, lessons and how they treated others in their civilisation at the time.Gold has always been valuable in society such as rings or gold injections to decrease inflammatory markers for those suffering from Arthritis, it is the highest connection in light colour up in the Universe.

We are born with elements of gold in our bodies naturally and many feel drawn to it. There are many reasons why but it all is linked back to the spiritual aspects of its origin.I just thought that I would share this interesting fact with you.

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