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Interpreting Dreams

Throughout the dreaming process your mind connects with its subconscious side allowing you to access your intuition and discover how you truly feel to the core about aspects of yourself and life in general. It also allows you to release any pent up stress or feelings which you have taken on recently.

This can be informative for self-development purposes by seeing symbols, colours, numbers, animals or experiencing strong emotions during the dream.

We are able to gain a much deeper understanding of ourselves through the dreaming process. This can help us come to a solution of life’s current problems that have provided us with internal conflict by identifying any repeat pattern cycles in our lives, understand how we truly feel about or view a person such as if it is in a romantic or platonic way or ascertain how we feel about moving forward to follow our life's dreams such as changing our career path or enrolling for further study.

Premonitions are often shown to you in a dream of future happenings to help you understand that if you take that particular path in life which you are currently on or are headed for then the events will turn out the way you have been shown. This is your intuition being clear at that time for messages from the universe to be divulged to you.

In the morning it is a great idea to write in a journal a few notes of anything that you can remember from your dream that stood out to you. Include colours, symbols, animals, numbers or sentences which were said to you.

Now try to break these signs down to see what symbols or meanings stand out for you. For example: if you dream that you are running through the bush and that you are trying to catch up to a loved one and you feel scared that you will loose them. Then the meanings that you would look for are fear, loss and running. You would find that these words put together will show you that you fear loosing control in life or a particular relationship. Then you would ask yourself what you feel in your real life that corresponds with the symbols which you have dreamed of. With practice you will be surprised at how informative and deep your dreams can be to assist you in your daily life.

Below are some meanings which you may dream of:

1. The colour red: means that you need to follow your passion, you are seeking more confidence in life and assertiveness is the key issue here. These are the areas which you need to work on.

2. The colour blue: means that you are able to express your opinions and that your intuition is spot on. This colour even on a shirt in your dream is telling you to follow your gut feeling and overcome any fear aspects that are blocking you from taking that new job or telling a potential relationship partner just how you feel about them.

3. The colour purple: means that your intuition is opening more. The next step here is to look at using a deviation tool to connect with spirit such as tarot or angel cards.

Also pay attention if you are drawn to crystals, look up their meanings and learn methods on how to connect into other peoples energy fields (the aura, physical or spiritual bodies).

4. Seeing blood: if it is your blood this shows that you are feeling the raw emotions in your life at the moment. The universe is asking you to rest and look at the areas which need to change so you don't feel so overwhelmed or unappreciated.

You also have the ability to change parts of your life path here where possible so you can manifest a life that you truly desire for happiness.

5. Seeing a building: this means that you desire authentic relationships and friendships in your life right now. The universe is asking you to surround yourself with friends that are supportive and share some of your common interests. A review of your current friendships is warranted here.

6. Seeing flowers: this means that you are about to close a chapter in your life and the universe wants you to become more aware of your energy levels, nurture yourself, notice others intentions more in your daily life towards you and work on setting some clear boundaries to everyone where possible to help you during the next life phase.

7. Seeing a hand: this means that you are wanting to take action but feel frustrated. The universe is asking you to open your heart more to a life that you truly desire and attract relationships that are healthy for you. Also this shows in your current relationships with family to be honest with yourself and express how you truly feel more.

Dreams have many layers upon layers of meanings to show you what needs to be addressed on your current life path and assist you in overcoming any issues holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

I wish you all the best on your self-discovery through your dreams.

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