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Seven Psychic Protection Techniques!

Seven Psychic Protection Techniques which work well!

Psychic protection is required to be used for anyone who is able to pick up on anyones negative emotions or feelings in life. It also affects your own mood and drains you of energy after sitting near or talking to this person.

When you are intuitive, empathic, psychic or are a sensitive person you will pick up on others peoples energy fields regardless whether you want to or not. This is why if you are in a crowded place such as a shopping centre or at a sad event such as a funeral then you will take on multiple peoples feelings or emotions all at once, leaving you to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

There are techniques to stop you from taking on other peoples energy unless you choose to let it affect you by consenting to feeling these emotions and taking what they are saying to you personally such as believing a comment about your self worth or taking on others opinions of you.

Below are the methods that I use personally to feel inner peace, stay comfortable within my own skin and not let other peoples emotions affect how I feel about myself or alter my mood. I still am there to help many people in need and listen but it allows me to be in my own energy, feel centred, acknowledge my own feelings and help those who need me.

1. Shielding- this is where you sit down comfortably and close your eyes. In your minds eye imagine placing a hard shell gold egg around you (similar to a chickens egg). From the top of your head to the top of your feet.

Then say "it is my intention to the universe to keep this egg as a method of protection on all levels for my highest good for the next 24 hours, then repeat so it is three times and then say namaste".

The reason that you use a gold egg is because it is the most purest form of energy for protection, I saw gold when I went up in the universe prior to resuscitation which is the highest place you can go spiritually and it allows you to continue connect to your intuition more every time you use it. The hard shell represents a protective barrier between you and the other person energetically.

2.Protection stones- you can even wear them as a necklace, ring or keep them in your pocket daily, in your bra, leave some on your desk at work or behind your door at home for an energetic clear home (to clear a home you need to use other tools which I will discuss later).

You need to choose a high vibrational frequency stone to work the best that it can. Hold out your non dominant hand and feel it in your palm. If you sense better with your dominant hand like I do then use that. Notice how the stone feels, do you feel a tingling sensation or a knowingness in your abdominal area that this is the right one for you?. You may receive another type of sign which gives you that confirmation.

Below is a list of stones that I personally use and find helps me. I alternate between two to three crystals at a time:

* Black Obsidian * Black Tourmaline * Dalmatian Jasper * Tibetan Black Quartz * Rainbow Moonstone * Shungite

Be careful not to use clear quartz next to any of these as it will amplify your energy and that of anyone around you. It will intensify your own emotions at the time as well.

3. Mirroring- when someone is bothering you or hurting your feelings with their words you can imagine in your minds eye that you have a large full length mirror covering the front of you from your head to your feet. This mirror is coated in a royal blue healing light. All words and feelings that person is projecting onto you is being reflected back onto them. After all it is their energy in the first place and you choose to feel peace today.

4.Rainbow light cleansing shower- since water is a great cleansing tool and is made up of rainbow colour fragments which corresponds with your chakras and the universe, then it will clear energy that you have taken on in your body and auric fields. Stand under the hot shower with your head in the water. Imagine all of the energy which is black or muddy in colour draining down inside your body and out of your feet into the drain hole and away from you forever. It may take a while for you to visualise this but keep practicing. The water will still clear you.

Sitting in an epsom salt bath is a great way to absorb any energy that you have taken on and relax you at the same time. I use this when the energy I have felt is dense.

5. You can call in Archangel Michael to cut any etheric or energetic chords that you have taken on from any source on a cellular, soul and DNA level with his sword of blue light. This will remove any energetic chords that you have and clear your energy as well.

6. Set the intention- by setting your intention to the universe then you are able to remove any energy or emotions which have affected you in the past month within three minutes. This is the best one to use.

Sit comfortably, light a white candle, put on some relaxation music, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside a beautiful gold pyramid. This is linked to the universe and its energy on many levels. Whilst you are here you will walk through the gold door and sit on a beautiful chair in the pyramid, call in your guardian angel and spirit guides to protect you and know that you are safe at all times. You will say " it is my intention to the universe that I am protected at all times today from taking on anyones energy on all levels including in my akashic records (your blueprint to life), on a cellular, soul, DNA, RNA and including my auric fields. Now you can include any particular person who you wish not to affect you emotionally or state anything that you are worried about in your life and ask for help. You are connecting to the highest source so now is the right time to do this. Then say so it is three times. When you are ready imagine getting up off of the chair, walking out of the pyramid and feel your feet digging into the ground

where you are sitting and press your thighs into the chair, then when you feel fully present in the room open your eyes.

You will often receive colours, symbols or messages from your Angels whilst you are here in the pyramid. This over time will open your spiritual channel even further if you wish for it to, just ask the universe. This is the easiest way to develop spiritually to receive messages for yourself and others.

7. Painting the walls (imagine in your mind)- to energetically protect your room, home or work space from picking up energy from others or any spiritual energy if you are doing readings which are not required then imagine painting each wall around you a deep gold colour. After this has been done paint the roof and floor a metallic silver colour. This balances out the yin and yang as well as the feminine and masculine energy. It also allows you to receive the highest spiritual protection possible there as well. I use this method every day and it works.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of the above tips to help you along your life path.

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