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Some of my Near Death Experience!

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? I was resuscitated at 3:33pm years ago in Intensive Care. This experience has left me grateful for every day since.

The tunnel people explain and light, its all true. As I was going into Cardiac Arrest I became very tired, my chest was heavy and it was like I could sleep for 100 years. At that time I heard the doctors calling in code blue and getting the crash cart ready. Then I went into loosing my breath more and more.

Prior to going into the tunnel I actually felt like I was going down towards the ground. Then I heard a voice from the Angels saying to "follow this way". This is when I reflected on my life. Not one single thing mattered that I had achieved financially not that was I into materialistic items that much but instead I had to look at how I had progressed in life to become the best me possible.

This is when I learnt my life purposes, which made complete sense of repeat patterns in friendships, relationships and how much I loved myself deep down. This self reflection was amazing to me.

Upon this evaluation I knew that I did not exceed in life as much as I thought I had. The boxes I ticked were some that others expected of me not everything that I wanted to achieve. See when you are having a near death experience you are detached emotionally when you review your life. Once you get into the light at the end of the tunnel after this happens then it all comes flooding in. I was never meant to come back but asked to and fort hard to stay alive defying all odds against doctors telling me to get my affairs in order.

I went and visited family who could not see me, it was strange that they stared into space not sensing that I was there. This was my good bye before the tunnel.

Then into the tunnel I went. It was peaceful and in Intensive Care I had been in physical agony literally worse than childbirth all day and night. This pain ceased, I feel because I was no longer attached to my body. As I went through the tunnel it was faster than the speed of light. The tunnel is not black it is clear, you see the sky, the stars etc. The amazing feeling of peace you feel is beyond anything I could ever describe.

Once I reached the end of this tunnel, there were loved ones waiting above me. I stood there and had to hold the love of my life's hand who had passed away to get into the light. I knew that I could not come back and at this point I looked back towards the end of the tunnel not wanting to go in. He said to me "come, hold my hand". There were Angels and others who I knew and some I didn't. At this point there was something within me that wanted to come back to my living family.

Upon going into the light, I felt a rush of emotion and asked the being who handled everything who I call "God" to come back. The amount of love up there was unconditional and I had absolutely no fear. I knew that I had not finished what I wanted to do in my life and knowing my life purposes wanted to come back and live that life I truly desire. Prior to this I always helped everyone I could and honestly I still do. But I put their needs first. Now I create balance and my life is full of manifestation. Every single day, I feel emotions and if I am sad I live it and after this event I enjoy the small things in life such as smelling a rose, rescuing neglected animals, helping that elderly lady at the supermarket reach that can of tomatoes.

No matter what is happening in your life. You personally have the choice to make it the best one for you. You can follow and achieve your dreams, you can believe in yourself and find that inner peace.

It was a revelation to me before I was officially resuscitated during the process of being in the tunnel that I held myself back from following all of the dreams I wanted to. I waited for the right moment or allowed fear to hold me back. Sure I had done a heck of a lot in life but still wanted to follow my heart to achieve so much more. This was a valuable lesson to learn, don't put your desires aside waiting for the right time because one day may lead to never?. Since I have come back I tick these things off and look at life questioning "how important is it?". I try not to sweat the small stuff and have found that I can manifest my goals easily. With dedication and a willingness to succeed you can make anything happen.

I have a book coming out shortly describing in depth my Near Death Experience but wanted to share some of what happened tonight with you all.

The energy around the moon this week is about cutting free of old limiting beliefs and life patterns. This is why most of you would be feeling more emotional in the past week already. Tonight I wrote a list of 5 things that I want to change for my highest good.

This will help you gain more clarity and direction on aspects of yourself too. Perhaps you would like to write a list down at home and set the intention to the Universe to assist you in moving forward towards an even happier life with change. When you have a near death experience nothing anyone has ever told you counts for who you truly are on a soul level if you don't agree or believe in it yourself.

The key to feeling inner peace is self-acceptance, self-love and having a strong sense of what makes you tick, your morals and beliefs. Have a think of who you truly are eliminating others opinions because at the end of the day " your is what counts the most".

I feel blessed that I am still connected to the Universe and have the ability to see and know future happenings, get detailed guidance and use this knowledge to create a great future. Have a think about what intuitive feelings or events that have happened to assist you on your journey.

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