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Space Clearing

Space Clearing your home for a lighter feeling to promote general well-being and happiness is crucial. Often we focus on financial responsibilities, relationship interactions between family or partners which are predominantly discussed in the household.

Turbulent times are more likely to displayed indoors instead of out in public.

Our living space is where we allow ourselves to relax, feel an array of emotions and retreat from the outside world.

All kinds of things can affect how your energy feels in the home because every conversation and feeling that has taken place is stored in your building structure and in the furniture/household items.

When personal items are given as a gift to you such as antiques. Then you are essentially storing 100 years at least of conversations and and the previous owners emotional state throughout that time of ownership. Their energy is attached to your new gift.This is why many people collect old belongings as each and every piece has a story to tell.

On the other side of the coin when you get that brand new table delivered, everyone who has touched it from the manufacturer right through to delivery leaves their energetic mark on it as well. Every item absorbs the energy around it like a sponge.

It is no wonder that we can feel uncomfortable, nervous, depressed, on edge or even stuck. This is from having hundreds of peoples energies living with you in your home. This also includes any guests that have visited you as well.

A few things you can do to help clear any stagnant, negative or blocked energy in the household is:

1) Light a stick of "White Sage". Be sure to go from each room paying particular attention to the neutral areas for energy to be stored which is the kitchen and bathroom.

When in each room wave the stick from the direction of the roof going down to the floor in each corner of the room. Also focus on clearing behind doors and around windows. You can do this without having to reach the roof or top of the door cavity. By placing the smoke in that direction using a waving motion as the key element this energy will be cleared.

You will know that it is clear when you hold the white sage still and the smoke flows upwards effortlessly instead of going from side to side. When it does that then the negative energy is being dissolved.

2) Imagine placing a bubble of pure gold light around the entire dwelling/house/unit on the outside. Then setting the intention to spirit that the place is free from negative energy. You can set the intention for peace and happiness to follow in the household or ask for something special that relates to you to address how you feel whilst being in the home.

3) A great trick is to place a few drops of rose essential oils into a spray bottle. Rose has the highest vibrational frequency. Lavender,frankincense and patchouli are great but if you can use rose, it is like comparing a diamond to cut glass. The secret is to use purified water and mix it with sea salt into the the water.

Yes, salt is what I am saying it is a fantastic way to clear stuck energy naturally which works. Simply spray it around your furnishings and in the corners of each room.

4) Ask for Archangel Michael to come and shield you with his sword and set the intention that Angels stay on each corner of the place. You set the timeframe to protect you from any negative energy, thoughts, emotions or illnesses that have come through into the home. You can set the intention to sleep better/deeper at night and the list goes on. This is a protection technique to ensure that new energy flows effortlessly after you have cleared the home.

5) Now bring in a live flower and place it in a vase. This promotes new energy into the home.

6) Also by having a crystal wind chime outside reflects rainbow light and helps to repel any unwanted negative energy.

7) The last step here is to light an incense stick or cone such as "Nag Champa" will clear any remaining negative energy.

It is important to open up any windows and doors to allow air flow through. If you have curtains drawn they need to be tied back or taken down temporarily until this process is completed.

As you go on there are many deeper methods which promote the calmness of your energy in a home. By doing these few steps you are on your way to having that extra warm feeling when you walk in the front door.

Please note that this is not a way to remove spirits.

This simple process will being a brighter and refreshing energy back into the home.

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