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What is an Empath!

10 signs that indicate that you are Empathic!

Being empathic means that you are a highly sensitive person who is affected by another persons energy. This is great because you are often kind hearted, go through life living on your emotions and are there to assist others in need.

When you are empathic you have the intuitive ability to pick up on how the other person is feeling or their intentions towards you without them saying a word. Often you will find that your mood will match those around you especially if you are in a group of people for more than an hour such as a work place team meeting you may take on the motivation of your team members or lack of and emotional baggage of how others are feeling towards working at that particular company. You also are able to tell if someone is being dis-honest with you during a private conversation and find that you are emotionally affected by sad stories on the news or when you read online articles. Below are ten tell tale signs which indicate that you are empathic.

If you relate to 7 or more then you are highly empathic. If you identify with 5 or more then you are empathic. If you can apply less then 5 of these points you have some traits of an empath.

1) Being in public places can be overwhelming for you such as in a crowded shopping centre or at the easter show. This is because when you make eye contact with another person in that establishment then both of your energy fields are intertwining allowing you to take on that persons mood and feelings without being aware of it.

2) You find that you have a need to be alone. An empath has the desire to spend some time on their own to relax, decompress from their own life's responsibilities and enjoy basking in moments of solitude.

3) You get bored very easily. An empath needs to keep busy and finds that their minds are active during most of the day to keep themselves stimulated mentally. This can be hard to wind down and go into that deep sleep at night time.

4) An empath is prone to carry weight around their abdominal area without necessarily eating fatty foods. This is your bodies way of energetically protecting yourself from taking on too much energy that others are projecting out towards you.

5) An empath finds that when they enter a room where an argument has previously taken place, they are able to pick up on this energy. They often will develop uncomfortable feelings in the form of tightness in their abdominal area or butterflies in their stomach. Sometimes it can feel heavy in your chest as this is related to the heart centre where we store emotions.

6) Most empaths love nature and animals as it allows them to connect with how that animal is feeling. Since many pets give us unconditional love an empath will feel joy being around this animal. Also going for a bush walk or looking at the waves on the beach is a beautiful way to connect with nature and this energises the empath.

7) Empaths will feel drained after being around someone too long who is going through turbulent times with drama in their life or are facing emotional issues at that time. Often they will attract friendships or encourage family members who become too dependant on them or find that complete strangers offload their personal life concerns to the empath at random moments. This is understandable as empaths have brilliant listening skills.

8) Also an empath is often a people pleaser and takes on multiple daily activities to accommodate the needs of others without addressing their own first.This is why if you are empathic you often will feel tired or at times resentful towards the person taking up your time because you feel guilty around saying no when you are asked for help.

9) You find that being empathic will draw you to a career where you will assist others in need such as becoming a nurse, doctor, teacher, counsellor, spiritual worker of any kind, paramedic or coach.

This is because you have a desire to be there for others by showing kindness and understanding. You also like to help people move forward in positive ways and use your skills of knowing what they are feeling at the time to assist them.

10) You find that your feelings are hurt easily and you often struggle with emotions around your own self-worth or confidence levels. You may be concerned of others opinions of you and find that you overanalyse conversations between yourself and others on a regular basis.

If you have identified with some of these points then you will gain a deeper understanding into why you are able to feel other peoples emotions so frequently.

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