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Why our fingerprint is unique!

Have you ever wondered why we each have our own fingerprint?

Each and every person has their own unique set of fingerprints and palm lines which is your souls blueprint to life. This is the roadmap predetermined by yourself and the universe prior to conception.

Physically our handprint is developed whilst we are in the womb at approximately 9 weeks gestation. Identical twins share the same egg which splits into two duplicating the same finger prints, however their palm lines are different. This is because our life's journey is linked to our individual palm lines which represents what your life is going to be like.

Each persons path is recorded on their palm lines and links to their life purposes and personality traits in order to evolve spiritually towards enlightenment.

Humans have free will to make choices in life which is why the palm lines can vary in different directions on your hand as we have the option to change many aspects of our life in turn altering our future. However some things are set to happen.

There are things that the universe will put in our life path regardless of our choices called destiny such as the birth of a child, finding that life partner or meeting your twin flame, plus many more aspects or challenges which you are able to address. This is for our highest good and allows us to focus on emotional issues that our soul requires to develop and grow spiritually.

As you age in life your hands continue to grow bigger but never change their pattern. The ridges on your fingers remain the same. Forensic scientists can obtain fingerprints to identify a person because we have natural oil in our fingers that leaves prints on everything we touch.

Since there are billions of people on this earth, when you die the universe is able to identify you by your fingerprint. When people do not have their hands due to life circumstances then you are identified by your souls DNA structure. I found that prior to resuscitation I still had my human form up in the universe with handprint and all but I was just energy.

Therefore, our fingerprints and palm lines say a lot more than we think!