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Ancient Indians believe that the Chakra System in our bodies consist of 7 energy centres.

This affects the way we feel about ourselves. our inner peace and emotional state. When they are clear from energetic blockages our bodies are able to perform at their peak.

Often over time these blockages which we hold onto manifest into a physical illness. This is why Reiki was established to help speed up the recovery process by energetically unblocking each chakra.

Why would Reiki help? you may ask yourself?. Dr's in some US hospitals actually use Reiki before a surgery takes place and have established that the patients are less likely to develop an infection as to those who did not have a Reiki treatment.

This makes sense of course because everything runs on energy in life including the electricity in our homes, electrons ignite in our brains like sparks of fireworks when we are attracted to a person, energy runs through our veins even creating a gas called blood gas which Dr's can measure with tests. It is everywhere you look both spiritually and scientifically.

Even the energy from a Quartz crystal is used for computers and watches to amplify energy centres.

Chakras are energy centres themselves. Each centre has their own function and relates to an organ. However most people do not know is that the crown chakra needs to be open and clear for optimum guidance to come through if you are asking the Angels or spirit for a message. This is the most important chakra of all. During a healing or by using methods to open it to the full capacity for yourself you will gain more clarity in life, be in touch with your intuition more, have a stronger sense of self-belief and feel more relaxed in life.

The third eye is also important but during a healing of either Reiki or a Spiritual Healing where the energy centre is cleared, removing blockages and ensuring that your spiritual eye is seeing clearly. It is very hard to see through a dirty windscreen when you drive. Naturally you would clean it. This is the same for our body.

The remaining chakras are related to our emotions, our life purposes, where we are at on our life path, what we have gone through in the past, how we have stored these happenings emotionally, how we have handled our emotions, what patterns need to be changed today and the list goes on.

Then we come to the knees which store our emotions, so if you have bad knees this will probably be a large contributing factor to why they bother you.

Then lastly it is essential to feel centred, have balance in our lives and feel grounded. Which is why in any healing session that is done correctly your feet will be touched and energetically you will be grounded. You will notice a feeling of being connected to the ground or a weight on your feet when you stand up. This ensures that it has been done properly for you.

Chakras, our emotions, our intuition and psychic abilities are all so very closely linked which is why they have been worked on for many years.

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