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Why do we have Auras?

We have an Auric Field because it is an electromagnetic energy system that surrounds around our body in the form of a liquid energy colour. It extends approximately 2-3 feet in width around your entire body.

This is because your Aura is directly linked to your soul which is the core essence of who you are. It has several layers. The outside layer which is your spiritual layer is the colour you go by. Your Auric field is related to the chakra colours.

Various colours change throughout the day of your aura which represent your current emotional state, inner-feelings around self-worth and well-being, if you are happy on your present life path, your spiritual progress including your strengths to receive messages from spirit. Your aura also expands when you try to connect to the universe for guidance.

There are many ways to sense auras which in turn allows you to understand the colour that it is showing. To do this you need to be able to either feel where the aura ends, see the colour of it with your eyes or in your mind, have a sense of knowingness of the colour or hear it as though it has been spoken to you.

If your spiritual gifts are to be able to see the colour of auras, then the reason is that your crown chakra (on the top of your head) which is the direct link to spirit, connects with your third eye otherwise known as your sixth sense (located in-between the eyes and slightly above the brow line) relays that persons auric colour to your human eyes retina to determine the particular colour of that aura. Then you are able to gain an understanding of what is happening for that person by knowing what that particular colour means.

If you are feeling emotional at the time such as a relationship break-up, having had an argument with someone that you care about, being fired from a job, have had an illness or injury to your body or have suffered trauma/long term abuse in the past that affects how you feel about yourself now then your Auric Field will be out of alignment.

In some cases the layers can be fused together. This can vary from approximately 4 foot in width to 7 foot, depending on how much emotional challenges you have faced or are facing at present. To bring the auric field back in to alignment you need a professional Reiki/Spiritual Healer to assist you.

When you stand next to someone your aura overlaps with theirs which is why you can often pick up on others energy and emotions which you are in close proximity to.

There are hundreds of techniques to try but I will include two below to assist you on your journey.

1. Have a person stand against a light coloured wall who gave you permission to do this exercise. Then close your eyes and hold both hands in-front of your chest with your palms facing towards that person.

Take three deep breaths and set the intention to the universe that you are now going to feel this persons aura and state their name three times. You need to be on the other side of the room as you need to be a fair distance from them to pick up the start of their aura.

Very slowly walk up to them, constantly pay attention to how you feel and then stop when your hands feel the energy. This can be by the sensation of feeling stuck as if you can't go any further or don't want to, having heat in your hands, tingling palms are often common or even just knowing when to stop.

If you are not sure go closer to that person's face and then walk backwards slowly until you feel the energy stop. With practice this will happen.

In this exercise you may also like to try and pick up what their emotional state is. If you attempt to visualise the colour of their aura in your mind, imagine a pencil and see what colour stands out to you. Also you can ask your guides or yourself if it is a particular colour or not. Then you can even imagine writing the colour in your mind as your eyes are still closed. Does this colour feel right to you in your abdominal area. If so then go with that. It is always usually the first colour you think of. Try not to second guess yourself as that is when you can get stressed or confused.

2. A quick way when you are alone is to look in a mirror which has a light coloured wall behind you or if not just at yourself and try to pick up on a clear outline of your auric field. Look for around 2-3 feet in width from you. Then focus on trying to ascertain that colour.

Each colour has a variety of meanings and I have included some below as a guide and your intuition may pick up on others too:

1. Red means that you are passionate, energetic and are feeling like you are looking for something extra in your life to fulfil that empty hole within. It can also indicate anger.

2. Blue means you have high intelligence, can manipulate well if desired and you need to express your emotions verbally more.

3. Yellow means that you are very critical on yourself and hold others to high standards.

4. Pink means that you are creative, sensitive, have a great imagination and are caring.

5. Green means that you are a kind and generous person who is conscious of your own progress but needs healing on the emotional front.

6. Orange means that you are blending to others expectations on you and the need to please others makes you not set clear boundaries. Time for yourself is needed here, balance is the key.

Have fun exploring this!

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