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Raising your vibrational frequency!

Your vibrational frequency energetically pours out from your third eye linking into your spiritual channel going up to the Universe stopping at your Higher-Self.

This is the fundamental basis of your spiritual connection as a whole acting similar to the "Law of Attraction", by working on the principle of what you put out comes back into your life.

When you put out positive thoughts with a loving and self-nurturing attitude towards your own personal and spiritual development to the Universe, then the frequency which you are creating is high in vibration.

As a result, the Universe is able to assist you with manifesting more opportunities to help you download and receive psychic messages or symbols more clearly to guide you on your life path. This can include from your Angels, Spirit Guides or other Universal Energies.

There are a multitude of levels that range from the lowest to the highest point which allows you to develop at your own pace. This is why each person is unique spiritually and have their own life path to lead.

Some ways to lift your vibrational frequency are listed below:


It is essential to nourish our physical body and soul with high vibrational foods for optimum performance by eating a varied diet consisting of rainbow colours of fruit and vegetables.

If possible try to purchase an organic supply as this is the way nature intended us to eat.

It is important to try and avoid refined sugar, additives and processed foods which prevent your body from being in its natural state.

Often it is discouraged to eat animals due to the way that they have been treated or farmed. As your vibration lifts you may find that the energy associated with these products are not what you want to eat anymore. Whilst it does not bother others.

If you choose to eat grounding foods including potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables it will help you feel more connected to the earth.


Since energetically all light for connecting spiritually or healing is based on the colours of the rainbow, it is also important to drink water for grounding.

This is to help flush out bodily toxins and clears out some stuck energy from our chakras.

If you imagine in your minds eye placing a rainbow light into the water before you drink it, afterwards this will help you feel a sense of rejuvenation.

You are also able to bring down rainbow light over your food prior to consumption if you desire for the same effect.


You can choose various colours of clothes to wear which reflect how you feel about yourself.

Such as red means that you are passionate and standing in your own personal power.

Blue is for you to express how you feel by opening up your throat chakra and telling those around you in personal relationships just how you feel.

Green is for healing any negative emotions which you have taken on board from others such as depression, guilt, fear, sadness and allows you to set up appropriate boundaries.

Orange or brown is for grounding and lets you know that your thoughts need to be focused on the here and now as opposed to having your head up in the clouds daydreaming for practical answers.


By projecting positive thoughts to the Universe then you are showing them that you are working on your own self-development. This includes not thinking judgemental or negative thoughts towards others as well.

To lift your vibration it is essential to take time out for yourself. Try at least once per day for 30 days to complete a task, hobby or even have that relaxing Epsom salt bath which clears energy to nurture your own soul.

Pick out various affirmations which you resinate with and carry them in your wallet daily with you, repeating them over and over in your mindset to yourself as often as possible. This will alter your subconscious thoughts towards self-love.


Meditation allows your conscious mind to shut down temporarily in a safe environment where you are able to access your subconscious mind.

This is where you can access a part of your spiritual path to the universe. By listening to relaxing music which works with your brain waves including the "Alpha" and "Delta" tones allows your mind to fall into these patterns with practice.

There are many types of music which you can find on YouTube that are both guided and freelance.

This is a great start to your progress and I wish you all the best on your journey.