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A Time To Manifest What You Truly Desire!

One of the most prominent life changing aspects that I learnt after flatlining prior to being resuscitated was that we are all down here to Spiritually evolve into the best version of ourselves that we can be.

We all are faced with regular various life lessons in order to ensure that we reflect, review and grow in life by identifying repeat pattern behaviours that hold us back from being true to our inner-core (otherwise known as the soul).

Tonight on 22 April 2016, the powerful full moon is in Scorpio is meant to heighten our current emotional state so that we are able to view our life from a different perspective in order to let go of emotional aspects that are holding us back from feeling free.

Yesterday was difficult for many people as this energy was bubbling to the surface to prepare for today in order for us to identify deep-rooted feelings which we have not considered or dealt with in years. As a result this was a day for many revelations to occur within a lot of people around the world.

The Universe wants you to find inner-peace, love yourself more, release in-ground emotional blockages that have arisen from past relationship breakdowns that resulted in a broken heart, lack of trust, fear of intimacy or trauma because it is still affecting you now.

This intense full moon energy is meant to provide you with the ability to view life with a different perspective to what you have been doing by energetically removing the rose coloured glasses so that you can confront your fears and find a new positive method to move forward without having these aspects continue to hold you back.

Tonights moon is all about being clear to yourself and others around you exactly what you want from them and in life towards extra happiness.

The moon energy is allowing you energetically to express yourself and be vulnerable all at the same time so your feelings are known to that potential or current romantic partner.

It is also focusing on allowing you to clear up any mis-understandings with family members that have occurred, opening up more to your friends or work colleagues about any issues that are upsetting you and verbally communicating your feelings to those that you care about in life clearing up any issues which have occurred with that person.

Since tonights moon energy is primarily focused on the re-birth of manifesting that life you truly desire it is important to set the intention to the Universe and yourself at least three life aspects which you want to change from tonight onwards. You will need to write these down on a piece of paper in a green pen/pencil if possible (green is a healing colour) and be clear in what you state for this next chapter in your life.

For instance: if you feel stuck in your current relationship and seek to be shown that you are important to that person then you would write down one affirmation on how you are going to approach life with a new attitude of what you will accept and what you won't allow. The intention may say "it is my deepest intention to honour my own feelings and know that it is safe to express these to my significant other (insert name) as I am being true to myself at all times." This is you stating to the Universe that you are loving yourself and starting a new life chapter of being true to your own needs not just other peoples expectations.

Another aspect may be setting the intention that you are "strong in body, mind and spirit." This can mean to you are gaining strength to believe in yourself and following your heart to apply for that dream job or opening up your heart unconditionally to finding the love of your life.

After you have written this list, it is important to say this is my intention to the Universe and repeat so it is three times in a row. Place the piece of paper underneath your pillow for tonight and when you go to sleep before closing your eyes think of as many things that you are grateful for in your life.

Tomorrow when you awake, the energy would have shifted towards you achieving your dreams as you consciously have addressed important life areas that you want to work on have a newfound direction or altered perspective towards making it happen.

I wish you all the best on your own Spiritual Journey.

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