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Common signs that a Passed Over Loved one is with you!

Loosing someone that you love is extremely difficult. This can leave you feeling an array of varying emotions including being heart broken, isolated, like a piece of yourself is missing, angry and sad all at the same time whilst you are trying to accept the grieving process.

In actual fact your loved one does not wish to see you in such emotional turbulence or pain which is why they seek ways to offer you comfort and support through messages. They also will be wanting to let you know that they are okay and often check up on your progress in life.

Once you have gone through the tunnel after you take your last breath then you reach the light at the end which is where the afterlife is based. I went here prior to being resuscitated.

There are many different ways that you can connect to a passed over loved one. It depends on where your spiritual gifts lay to which method that will work best for you to see, hear, feel or know signs which the spirit is relaying to you. Like anything this takes time and practice.

Below is a method which many assist you on your journey to connecting to that particular person that I have channelled:

Essentially you need to connect into that persons energy field to receive messages from them in any form. This is where people can become discouraged as they allow self-doubt to creep into their mind. In the Universe everything is based on energy which is why you need to tap into that particular persons soul essence.

Once your spiritual channel (Crown Chakra and Third Eye) is open then you are able to download/interpret messages in various forms from your passed over loved one. Like anything this takes time and practice.

You may see images, sense that person touching you by feeling a cool breeze or a weight on the back of your shoulders, all of a sudden smell aftershave or perfume in the scent that they wore around you or just have a knowingness that they are there.

THE FIRST STEP is to have a picture of that person in front of you and light a white candle on the table (the candle connects you to the Universe with white light). Stare at the photo intently and repeat their name three times in a row.

Notice how you feel in your heart area. Imagine connecting a string from your heart (where you sit) to theirs in that photo. Then look into that persons eyes in the picture for approximately 20 seconds.

If you also have an object of clothing or an item that they have touched it is a good idea to hold it in your hand whilst trying to connect to that person. This is you tapping into their energy again but on a stronger level which can help bring you more clarity to receive messages through.

Now say "it is my intention to the Universe that my channel is clear in every way possible to allow any signs to come through from (insert that persons name here). Then repeat so it is three times.

Slowly take deep breaths into your stomach area and notice how it rises and falls. This will help relax you more during the emotional process. Close your eyes and visualise yourself standing next to that person in your minds eye.

Out loud tell that person how you feel about them and think of one memory which you both shared together. Pay attention to what he or she was wearing at the time and try to see as much detail as possible. When you feel ready open your eyes.

Now sit there and ask three questions to them. Take your time and remember to breathe slowly. The main thing is that you trust what comes through and if you do not receive any messages at that time just know that it does NOT mean they are not there with you.It may take a while for you to learn how to do this. Don't be discouraged it is wonderful that you are trying.

Ask that person to stay with you for as long as they can and show you some sign. They may flicker the lights for you, or draw your attention to the time on your clock which symbolises numbers for meanings such as 4:44pm means that Angels are watching over you and your loved one is near. This can happen later on during the night too.

You may hear a loud ringing in your ear. This is one of the most common signs that is shown from a passed over loved one when they are communicating with you as they run on a high pitched frequency energetically that is different to ours. Once you hear this then try and hear one word at a time.

You may have a song pop into your mind with wording is appropriate which has just played on the radio or iPod that day. Pay attention to the lines of each word even if it is short and brief.

You can also ask that person to come into your dreams and relay messages to you at a later stage. This is possible because when you dream your subconscious mind relaxes allowing you to access the intuitive aspect of your brain. Spirit is able to show you more meanings when you are in this relaxed state.

When you connect to your sixth sense during the sleeping process many blockages around your beliefs will be filtered out. It is always good to keep a dream journal of symbols and look up meanings that accompany each one.

Even though keeping a record of your dreams can be time consuming it does allow you to be able to look for signs from your passed over loved one and also see messages from your Angels at the same time to assist you in moving forward in your life.

The person who you are trying to contact will be happy that you are trying methods to communicate with them.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey and connecting to that special someone.

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