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Staying True To Yourself

Everyone has a busy life with demands on them. This can stem from juggling family life alongside a demanding career, looking after the household or working on current relationship issues with your partner.

It is no wonder that we often exclaim "I just don't have enough time to do that for myself". The longer that you put your own personal needs last in your busy schedule the easier it is for your days to fall out of balance. This can leave you feeling tired, drained, sometimes resentful to the other person you are assisting and lead to exhaustion.

By honouring your own personal needs you are nourishing your soul. When you provide yourself with rest, recreational activities where possible and give your body the support that it requires you are able to perform at your optimum level. Such as sleeping well and eating healthy.

There is more to our-selves than just a physical body with a mental capacity. We need to examine the spiritual aspects as well. This is the core essence of who we are otherwise known as our soul.

It is not an easy task changing a regular habit that you are used to doing. Every day is a new beginning, which means that there is no time like the present moment to work on this aspect of yourself.

The first initial step is to establish appropriate boundaries in small stages that won't overwhelm you. If you do not want to accept an invitation or perform a task it is oaky to say no.

Instead you can focus on what you need such as taking that time for yourself. For example, have that relaxing hot bubble bath, get a family member to cook dinner for you, go for a short stroll along the beach or bush path, pamper yourself by having a massage as it is imperative to establish a balance in your life. Always be kind and positive to yourself.

You can create a time-chart and schedule each day to include some "me time". When you keep each task to a minimum that must be completed then you will feel more relaxed throughout the day, have extra energy and smile more.

The main thing is to ensure that you think positive thoughts about yourself and personal progress each day without allowing others to make you feel guilty for taking much needed time out for yourself.

Enjoy your newfound free time!

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