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Our Third Eye Explained!

We are all born with a Third Eye that is otherwise known as our sixth sense. It remains in-between your two physical eyes and in alignment with your eyebrows where its position is located in the middle of your forehead.

If you draw an imaginary line between both of your eyebrows and place your Third Eye (the shape of an actual eye itself) into the middle of this it will slightly extend upwards to approximately two centimetres high. The bottom of it drops down approximately one centimetre in length.

Our Third Eye is classed as our "seeing eye". It allows you to be able to sum up an instinctive feeling towards any person that you come in contact with. This allows us to be able to access our own "gut instinct" otherwise known as your intuition.

Your Third Eye sends out energetic signals to your brain and abdominal areas so you will pay attention to these emotional feelings which you are experiencing.

This can be used when you meet a new perspective partner by knowing that you feel an attraction to that particular person. Or it can work in the complete opposite direction to show you quickly that you are not meant to be around that same person. Immediately you are presented with internal warning bells/signals to leave that situation.

Your Third Eye also allows the Universe to provide you with guidance in the form of visual messages from them to assist you in making life decisions that are right for you.

It is your direct link to receiving messages from High-Grade Entities such as your Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Higher Consciousness. The Universe needs an energy receiver to pour this information into so you know how to act in given life situations using your instincts.

The Third Eye is our link to the Spiritual aspect of ourselves. It is open 24 hours a day. This is why children are able to use imaginary play, live in the moment easily, understand what they want and are not afraid to express it.

All children have their Third Eye Open since birth. As we evolve into adults, other people's opinions are placed upon us. We are told not to imagine what we can not physically see and it is at this time we often shut down the Third Eyes full capabilities to provide us with images, visions or unexplained thoughts that we once trusted and believed in ourselves as a child to receive.

Regardless, your Third Eye never stops working. It has now become a filter instead of a flowing stream of thoughts and feelings as messages from the Universe to assist you in life.

When you feel connected to your emotional internal dialogue stemming from your Third Eye, the Universe is able to provide guidance in various forms to increase your psychic abilities. Such as you seeing shiny objects on the ground in the form of a coin, repeat numbers including 11:11 AM as a symbol or having a dream which comes true in the future.

Over time after developing your Psychic gifts the Universe may activate your "Pineal Gland" where appropriate. This is the size of a pea and is a strong link to send messages from the Universe through your Third Eye right to your brain. Allowing you to see in great detail images, colours, receive Psychic messages and much more.

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