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What actually is a Soul Mate?

Our purpose on Earth is to evolve into becoming the best version of ourselves possible to feel fulfilled. This requires each of us to work on various Spiritual levels in life by paying attention to what the Soul really requires in order to achieve inner-calmness, self-acceptance and unconditional love who you are to the core (otherwise known as your Authentic Self).

Throughout life you will often form friendships with the same type of person ending in similar ways until your own self-perception alters on what you need from those who you allow into your heart.

Often people will repeat patterns in intimate relationships by choosing the same type of partner multiple times or have difficulties adjusting to family members personalities as it mirrors aspects of themselves which need addressing at that time in their life. This type of person is classed as a Soul Mate.

Many people during this time will find a partner with particular traits identical as the one before. This leaves you feeling frustrated or unsatisfied on an emotional level deep within.

As a result many people seek answers using their own intuition and follow their heart to break this cycle from re-occurring time and time again. This happens because the Universe brings these people to you as a learning process to help develop your Soul into its full potential so you change your life to feel happy and release emotional baggage that no longer serves you well.

A Soul Mate is another person who you have known prior to birth for many years. Regardless of your differences in opinions, moral compass or vulnerabilities which you present there is always an undeniable pull towards them, feelings of unconditional love present themselves and a spark is felt that is often drawing you to that person. This is most prevalent in intimate relationships.

With Soul Mate family members you will feel a familiarity or strong bond towards them even though they mirror aspects of yourself which leave you feeling emotional or uncomfortable. Often their behaviour highlights your own feelings of anger, fear of not being worthy or looking to people please for acceptance.

Pets also are encompassed in our Soul Mate Family which allows us to feel supported, receive unconditional love, give that cuddle and know that we are accepted for just being ourselves. This is why you can feel a stronger bond with your pet instead of most people that you have ever known.

Each Soul Mate will come into our lives at the right time. This depends on how much you love yourself and the level of love that you are ready to receive in life at that current time.

This is why many will find their LOVE Soul Mate who is the person that they spend the rest of their lives with at around 35 years old onwards. This is because the earlier part of your life has been a learning curve for the Soul.

A true LOVE Soul Mate is where you both get each other and know that other persons strengths and weaknesses. You accept that person for who they are and see their inner beauty whilst having a strong physical chemistry at the same time. Your intentions towards each other are to support one another and help make each others dreams a reality.

This type of relationship is intense. Often you will find when things are great then you feel a sense of euphoria whilst when emotions are low then there is drama. You think about that person as if they are a part of you.

You both look into each others eyes regularly for longer periods of time than couples that you know. This is because the eyes are the window to the soul and you are viewing/connecting to your partners inner-core.

Many people seek happiness with a Soul Mate and spend years of their lives waiting to meet that partner for the relationship that feels like no other.

The key secret to attracting this into your life if you have not met that person already is by opening up your heart to love. Write down a list of ten deal breakers of what you require in a relationship to be happy and when opportunities arise for social gatherings always consider that this person may just be there that night.

You deserve to be loved unconditionally and feel happy!

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