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Have You Found Your Life Purpose Yet?

For me the moment that I was resuscitated my whole outlook on life changed.

This was the second chance that I had been given to come back and become the best version of myself that I could be. You learn to live in the moment more and work on what makes you happy to the core (otherwise known as your soul).

After I flatlined and went unconscious in that hospital bed the most profound thing happened to me. I had my life review, this is where you are able to look back on your life from birth right through to the end objectively whilst feeling your emotions intently.

It is similar to watching a movie of yourself standing there in the room and the most important events in your life which had occurred prior to this that shaped you into the soul you are at that time. You gain an in-depth understanding of what the authentic you is and all spiritual progress made.

Each Life Purpose is identified and you know if they were completed or not. For the ones that were not ticked off you are able to see each repeat negative pattern that occurred and why, emotional stumbling blocks that you were not able to overcome are recognised.

At the end of this life review your soul shows you unconditional love, compassion and self-forgiveness towards all of your vulnerabilities and any mistakes that you made in life. This is the moment that you become your own best friend in a sense and feel inner-peace.

The Universe does not want you to struggle in life with your emotions. We are here to develop into the best version of ourselves that we can be on a soul level to gain happiness and self-acceptance to the core. Once you are able to master this aspect of yourself then self-love and contentment often follows.

Usually each person has around Six Life Purposes to complete in their lives. A good way to look at ascertaining aspects of these is to work on one at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed or confused on what you should be addressing first.

Step one: Is to sit down in a quiet spot. This can be in a park or in the comfort of your own home. As long as you will not be distracted for about 30 minutes. Have a pen and note book handy to write down what comes to you.

Step two: Write down five things about yourself that make you unique. This can be that you are a people person, a good listener, kind, loyal to those that you love, are family orientated or seek a drama free lifestyle with a relaxed outlook in life.

Whatever you write down, this will be the language to your soul. Essentially you are identifying five emotional traits that make you who you are today.

Step three: It is important to break down areas of your life which need addressing. They will always be linked back to a particular Life Purpose. For example, if you find that you attract intimate relationships where your partner leans on you, comes to you for support and does not return the same needs in you then this is a repeat pattern to look at.

Then you would then ask yourself, am I the caregiver here? is this a Life Lesson to establish boundaries and stand in my own personal power. The Life Purpose would be around finding your self-worth and believing in yourself more to express how you feel to that other person.

Step four: Look at relationships in your life in the sense of a review. Ask yourself questions such as: am I satisfied in my career or not?, how do I interact with family members and what emotions come up for me when I contact them or have in the past? and lastly write down as much as you can on everything that you feel is important. This is your guide on where to start to identifying some of your Life Purposes.

You will be surprised at the repeat emotions which are triggered deep within and gauge an understanding of yourself more. By looking at the wording you have also written down when reading your thoughts you are able to connect more with your soul and it can you find that next step in life to take on moving forward towards loving yourself more.

I wish you all the best on your own Spiritual Path!

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