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A Few Perks Of Being Psychic!

People often ask me "what is it like to have this gift everyday?". In actual fact being connected to the universe has its benefits which can also throw negative aspects into the mix but overall you can have fun with it.

1) When I go grocery shopping; I often tap into my guidance and choose if Coles or Woolworths have my sorted items at the same price or cheaper. This usually leads time to be split into both stores. At the end of the day the savings are worth while and I know exactly where to go in each isle to pick up these groceries. Saving money can be fun.

2) Although I choose not to read into people when out and about I often find myself smiling at others. Once you gauge eye contact the universe will often show you that persons future and current events as if you were conducting a reading. For example It is uplifting to discover that the person who you just walked past is pregnant and have not done a test yet.

On the other side of the coin such as today when I smiled at a man who had a cute dog with him. He thought I was interested in him but it was me adoring the dog only. This can lead to some awkwardness for obvious reasons.

3) You can change life events only where possible in alignment with the universe.

Recently my pet became in need of medical attention. So I ordered the operation knowing from sprit that she will have two months extra to live from making this choice instead of passing away that night at 11pm.

It literally was two months to the day and the vet appointment was made for 11am where she would be put to sleep. I saw the vet at 11:11AM. Every time I looked at the clock I saw 11:11 for the previous two months when I felt emotional. My guidance even stated this exact time. This was not easy knowing how long my pet would live. I am grateful for the extra time with her though.

Numbers have always been significant to me. I woke up every morning at 3:33AM prior to being resuscitated for months and was resuscitated at 3:33PM. The list goes on. Numbers are a way of the universe providing you with messages.

4) A fun part of receiving guidance is that you can cook good food without reading a recipe. Then see yourself enjoying the taste. The oven temperature is automatically known, ingredients and quantities are shown to you as well.

Tonight I received messages on how to make the oven paper stick by using a little water underneath it in the dish. No matter what you cook guidance is always handy.

5) I never receive a surprise when my birthday and christmas arrives. As I see what is inside each of the gifts that are wrapped up prior to opening them.Or I often dream in advance what they are so it is no longer a secret. It was fun in the beginning as a child but as an adult it has its moments.

There are many more advantages of being psychic and I always help others to develop their intuition as it does enhance your life.

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