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How can a medium connect to those who have passed over!

This is the age old question leaving many people to have varying opinions. For years I had wondered what happens to those who pass over myself especially when I lost pets and many friends. Until I personally flatlined years ago in intensive care and found out for myself what happens on the other side. This was both comforting and eye-opening.

I returned fully connected to where I went in the universe after resuscitation allowing me to be able to connect to passed over loved ones and deliver detailed, clear and accurate messages that no-one could possibly know unless they were connecting to that person.

There is a misconception that anyone psychic can contact spirits. This is actually a speciality field as there is so much involved in connecting with spirits and relaying messages.

It is often difficult to find a person who will hold a mediumship reading for two main reasons:

1. The reader fears that they are not able to receive clear messages from spirit to deliver to their client. This is because your channel has to be fully open and you need to be comfortable in connecting with passed over loved ones who are a stranger to you. If you feel uncomfortable with this then mediumship is not for you. Everyone has their own preferences and strengths in what avenues they take as a reader which vary.

2. Some psychics feel more at ease working with their guides and angels rather than seeing a spirit. This can be a little confronting having a person appear in full body form telling you what they want to say to your client. Plus the reader will often feel that persons emotions which can affect you not getting emotionally involved especially where children are deceased.

A medium will have an open channel to the universe which flows from the top of their head allowing that person to download messages and images from spirit to their third eye which is otherwise known as your seeing eye or 6th sense. These are then converted to interpreting the words that spirit has used to relay to your client. It is a process that needs to happen.

The medium simply then connects energetically to a higher dimensional frequency in the universe. This is different to the one we use daily to converse with each other in conversations with family or friends. We are on a physical plane and spirits are on an elemental plane so the vibrational/energetic frequencies need to be in sync when the reader connects to it. Everything on earth is run on energy. Most science theories are developed using energy. It stands to reason why mediums use it too.

A medium is always born with the ability to connect to spirits and it is not just something that you can quickly learn. Which is why it is important to feel comfortable with the reader you choose.

As a child they may have seen flickers of light or figures. They also can have had various dreams which came true. Mediumship always begins during childhood because they are still open to the universe after birth. This is why babies often stare at walls or the ceiling and laugh. Usually before the child turns six they are able to see spirit as your cognitive ability changes after this and so does your intuitive perceptions in the brain naturally.

A child who is sensitive to receiving messages from spirit usually openly feels emotions in life which also is showing their connection to the universe.It is as adults often chose to close that part of ourselves off due to others expectations that are close to us or we seek to believe what we only can physically touch or feel. This is why many people take spiritual courses and learn how to re-establish their connection to spirit again later in life.

A medium will have their third eye open and a clear channel. They are able to remove personal belief systems and emotions from a reading which allows the messages to come through in various forms accurately. This can be in the way of visual imagery such as describing coloured balloons or a ring. The person also may hear messages, choose to write down words on a note pad to deliver to you or even see the departed as a full figure in-front of them talking in full conversation.

The method to ensure they are connecting to the spirit is that the medium will connect into your energy field first called the auric field. Then repeat the departed persons name three times to connect into the spirits energy field. Once this is established you can guarantee accurate messages will flow through. This needs to happen with a strong connection between the departed and medium to work.

Often to establish a deeper connection the medium will seek to hold an article of the deceased persons belongings to simply connect into their energy field which is carried up in the universe. Our essence is who we are as a soul and once you are departed you carry this same energy with you.

A medium will also see who is stepping forward to provide messages for you without you giving a name. This is also effective but will often leave you wondering why the person you wanted to contact in the first place hasn't come through. There is no line up order up in the universe and anyone can come through unless the medium specifically asks for that person.

I have people come through and I give their name, description of what they look like, how they passed away etc. However I do prefer to have the client ask to contact a specific person so I am able to connect to them and ensure that the client has the opportunity to receive messages from this person.

There are a few reasons why a passed over loved one will not connect with a medium and it can occasionally happen. This includes them not wanting to talk to the client for example the spirit may feel guilt for their behaviour towards that person. It can also be because they feel emotional over their passing if it was sudden or deliberate and are not clear on what to say to help their loved one seeking to speak to them.

Any mediumship is meant to be uplifting even though it without a doubt will be emotional. It is a good idea to record your session where possible so you can review it at a later stage incase you miss some messages the reader provides during the session.

A medium who is connected to your passed over loved one usually is able to describe methods they use to show you that they are near such as flickering a light or you waking up to their perfume.

Don't be afraid to ask questions during a mediumship reading as spirit is usually happy to answer them for you. Also look for how their personality is being described and always be open to what messages come through.

I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey!