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Space Clearing Including Spirits!

I have done many space clearings and taught others in the industry how to conduct them effectively for optimal results removing stuck energy or at times earth bound spirits residing there.

Every household stores a huge amount of energy in it without you even realising, which is why it is essential to do regular clearings on the home. One every six months on average will ensure the home has a lighter ambience allowing you to relax effortlessly, feel safe and secure.

Each piece of furniture holds energy from those who have touched or sat on it. The energy a person radiates from their aura is absorbed into that particular item and can be stored for many years.

All conversations that have gone on in the home are energetically stuck in the furnishings. Including emotions that you take on from electrical items such as the television, internet stories and listening to music. Your carpet and kitchen cupboards that have been touched by a number of people including visitors also hold energy and most importantly the bedroom where we sleep. Surprisingly a mattress will hold your energy for up to ten years causing interrupted sleep nightmares or a sense of unease deep within if negative and highly emotional conversations have taken place whilst being on the bed.

Any previous occupants, workers or contractors of the home will have their energetic debris left in the fixtures. The main traffic areas that hold this type of energy as it is not related to you are always the kitchen and bathroom. When you do a space clearing these are the first go to points which will always require attention for the energy to be broken up and dissolved.

A build up of negative energy can leave you feeling, anxious, emotional, highly stressed, a general feeling of being unwell, children can become restless or not wanting to be in a particular room (especially if they see a spirit) and often a room can appear darker even when sunlight is shining in through the window and blinds are open compared to other rooms.

Negative energy is able to be sensed when you hold your prominent writing hand in front of you and very slowly walk around the room. Once you feel it hard to move your hand through the air this is where negative energy is being held.

Or if you light a candle without having the windows open or a draft near by you will notice that the flame moves around. This is the directions of stuck energy in the room. A clear home will have the candle flame staying quite steady and upright.

If you light some white sage hold it still in your hand as you walk around the home slowly. When it is dissolving negative energy the smoke will go all over the place. Once this is cleared the smoke will only travel upwards.

By spraying with the following formula on every corner of the room throughout the house starting towards the roof stretching your arm as high as you can whilst standing will dissolve negative energy. Ensure that the spray is then used towards the floor to cover both areas.

A 100ml spray bottle is required with 6-8 drops of pure rose oil. Use 8 drops if you are not sensitive to a stronger scent. Add two teaspoons of sea salt and fill up the bottle with purified/spring water (you can also use boiled water that has been left to cool down). In your minds eye imagine painting the walls in every room with gold glittery light. The roof and floor are silver in colour. This is using colour therapy to clear your space energetically.

Also you can call in Archangel Michael to protect the home and clear any stagnant, stuck or blocked energy that is present. After you have asked him to do this finish off by saying this is my intention to the universe, so it is, so it is, so it is. Thank you.

Earth bound spirits are simply trapped between the earth plane and astral planes. This is nothing to be scared of as they can not hurt you. There are many different techniques which you can use but for this example say " I call upon Archangel Zaphael to take away any earth bound spirits or entities in this home into the light and where they are meant to be". It is my free will that they are no longer allowed to stay here. Remove them now and ensure that no further entities are attracted to this home in the future. Then say so it is three times in a row. This will remove any spirits that you do not want.

At times passed over loved ones will come down and visit you. By saying the above quote does not block this from happening. It only removes earthbound spirits. This quote allows them to see the light and pass over.

Spirits will often make themselves known by you feeling as though you are being watched. They can tap into your energetic field, flicker lights, let kids musical toys go off at times, pets stare at them due to their sixth sense, you may see flashes of light out of the corner of your eye, sometimes you can hear footsteps, the door will close suddenly or you may feel a shadow over the top of you when you are half asleep. They mainly reside in the corner of a room or behind the door. The bathroom and kitchen hold water which they are attracted to.

Most households don't have spirits but some are attached to old homes, native land for example Aboriginal ground, previous owners that pass away, if you are highly psychic or are being psychically attacked they can be drawn to your light or by using deviation tools such as an Ouija Board will encourage them (not recommended as they open all doorways to the universe).

When I do a space clearing I use many methods and if a spirit or entity is present I see them in their full form and can converse with them describing to the client why they are there. I am able to mention anything physical including birth marks, tattoos, facial features, clothing and any jewellery worn (what they are buried, cremated or go missing in).

My mediumship skills allow me provide comfort and peace in the home. I am also able to connect with any passed over loved ones as well for the client upon request when I am there doing the space clearing.

I wish you all the best with following the above steps to help create a sanctuary in your home or business.

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