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My Life Review From The Other Side!

Just about everyone at some stage in their lives wonder what lays on the other side when we pass away and have our life review. After I flatlined prior to being resuscitated I went there and can tell you exactly what happens.

Everyone has a life review there are no exceptions to this rule. It is not something to fear at all. You see snippets of your life in accordance with your own personal spiritual developmental progress. This is always in alignment with your life purposes and lessons on Earth to become the best version of yourself possible.

It starts off at your birth because you make a verbal contract prior to being born up in the universe which is located in your Akashic Records (your blueprint to life). The life review ends with the age that you are prior to passing away.

I found myself viewing my own birth as though I was an outsider seeing it unfold. My emotions were not present at that time I was merely seeing the event which had occurred without human emotions.

I learnt here that I was delivered via forceps and my mother had allowed six medical students to take down notes and see me be delivered. I was never told this by my mother and when I returned after being resuscitated I described in detail what every single medical student looked like and what was said during the birth by the Dr and my mother. She told me that this was 100% accurate.

It depends on what your life purposes are to which aspects you review after your heart stops. For me one of my six major life purposes viewed was based around having more self-love. This is why I saw particular previous chapters of my life and discovered what patterns that I kept repeating which I did not complete to learn my life lesson.

Upon being resuscitated I made sure that I change it all and ticked off as many as I could. I then viewed my life completely differently. It was a beautiful positive experience. I was able to understand unconditional love on the other side and I no longer fear death.

After the life review you go through a clear tunnel which appears as fast as the speed of light and are greeted by loved ones, angels and other wonderful beings. This is the moment when your emotions flood back and any physical pain dissipates. It is the most peaceful experience and I made the decision here to ask if I could return. For some reason I was allowed to come back.

I am grateful that the Universe has allowed me to have stayed connected to where I went and gain a vast understanding of how it all works up there. This allows me to deliver detailed information during reading and coaching sessions to help others.

I wish you well on your own life path!

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