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Energetic Reading For This Week

Earth uses a large scale of energy to run efficiently. The energy that is produced on such a sizeable spectrum which includes the affects of our moon cycles and ensures that the ocean tides perform at its peak. This in turn allows us to often unknowingly pick up on or tune into its frequency through our Aura which is positioned around the outside of your body.

Anyone who is sensitive or has intuitive abilities will feel its effects via their emotional state depending on how much Earth energy your Auric field naturally absorbs. Every week the frequencies vary which I read into any upcoming energies and predict how I will be impacted by them emotionally myself. Tonight I channelled guidance from the Universe to assist you too.

From the 7th of November right through to the 13th of November there will be a major energetic shift to prepare for the spectacular upcoming Super Moon next Monday night where it will be the closest that the full moon is able to come towards Earth in the 20th Century.

The upcoming weeks energy is all about creating balance in your life by honouring how you feel and working on communicating personal needs to others around you.

This week you may feel stressed around getting everything done, have others put their expectations on you to assist them in completing tasks, find yourself feeling out of sorts such as thinking and planning the days routine without actually living in the moment.

The Universe asks you to allocate five minutes every day to relax. You can do this by finding a comfortable chair or a nice patch of grass outside in the fresh air where it is unlikely you will be interrupted. Then take 5 slow deep breaths filling your body with positive energy and with every out breath letting go of worries and concerns that you have at that particular moment. Knowing that this 5 minutes is just for you. This is your time to focus on recharging your batteries and looking within for answers. If possible place on some relaxation music on your IPOD or computer depending where you are situated during this time. Notice your surroundings or simply relax by closing your eyes and trying to keep your mind free from worry.

Your intuition will be stronger right now and when you seek answers to life problems you will be able to feel more with your heart by tapping into your true emotions.This is what is important to your core self (your soul) minus any fear, doubt or responsibilities to others.

Once you have steeped out of the mindset of stress then you are able to view life and your needs more clearly.

This week it is important to communicate with your partner, boss, kids, friends or family members exactly how you feel when the time feels appropriate. Watch for any miss communication this week and seek clarity on what that person means when they talk to you if you are not sure on their intentions. This will save you misunderstanding the meaning behind what was actually said.

Try and take a hot shower or bath with Epsom salts to relax as the magnesium will help dissolve any unwanted stress that your auric field is holding in.

Saying one positive affirmation as many times as possible each day in your mind will allow you to gain confidence and feel more connected deep within. Mine this week is " I am strong in body, mind and spirit". Keep it short, easy to remember and the wording needs to focus on the now. You will be surprised at how much it helps comfort you emotionally and provide a positive mindset.

By being gentle and kind to yourself this week you are able to sail through being affected deeply by the emotional frequencies that the Earth is holding at present. This will allow your week to feel positive and more enjoyable.

I wish you well on your spiritual journey and please feel free to share on this post how the week is going for you if desired.

Love and light,


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