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Cellular Memory Is Linked To Past Trauma!

The human body consists of approximately 37.2 trillion cells. They all play a huge role daily in our bodies functioning to keep us alive.

Whilst we each feel emotions in our heart and have brain wave signals that go to and from this vital organ the feelings associated with memories from past relationships and any traumatic event that has occurred is stored in the cells themselves alongside our memory receptors in the brain. This is called Cellular Memory.

Often organ transplant recipients have seen flashes of the donors cellular memory and previous traumatic experiences that have occurred during that persons lifetime or have adopted personality changes that match those of the donor.

Trauma is where you have been affected emotionally through a sudden or unexpected event such as a relationship breakdown, car accident or death of a loved one and are left feeling emotions such as guilt, blame, anger, fear or powerlessness over your life.

Spiritually on top of all of this these cells send signals to your Akashic Records (blueprint to life). The records hold your Life Purposes and are like a book that stores every memory as well as personality traits at your core-self (your Soul).

Many people work on moving forward in life and make big changes whilst seeking to feel turmoil free and have inner-peace. This often includes changing jobs, routines, friendships and behaviour patterns only to discover that they still feel like a piece is missing inside or find the in-ability to relax completely.

What happens is that they have energetic blockages still held from the traumatic life events which have occurred from as early as childhood.

In order to feel more in tune with yourself it is essential to look at ways to remove these unwanted emotional patterns or stumbling blocks that hold you back from feeling confident in pursuing life the way you wish to.

You will know that this is occurring by experiencing tiredness or feeling overwhelmed. Your abdominal area feels stuck or heavy especially around the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras which are the energy centres that hold all emotional energy in place for you.

There are a few techniques below to assist you along the way in moving forward.

Meditation is a great starting point. This helps when you play music which include tunes associated with delta brain waves. Essentially your body tunes into this frequency allowing your mind to be more at ease and relax.

From there it is important to sit in a comfortable chair with cushions, create a reasonably dark space with a white candle in the middle of the room. It is also good to have four tea light candles in each corner of the room representing Air, Earth, Fire and Water elements to create a balanced atmosphere for you.

Then slowly take three deep breaths bringing in the positive energy and letting go of anything negative on every out breath. Visualise a tranquil setting such as a waterfall or laying on the beach to get you into a meditative state.

Then ask your Angels and Guides to come on this journey with you. Imagine yourself walking along the beach and going through a beautiful wooden door into the library where your seeing many books and pick out your own Akashic Records.

Right here try and view your life from a non-judgemental point of view by being kind and loving to yourself at this time focusing on emotional aspects and life patterns which keep occurring.This may include dating the same type of person, attracting similar outcomes with work staff or needing to establish boundaries with friends and family.

After you feel it is time to leave here. In your minds eye slowly walk through the door and back along the beach until you reach your chair. Push your feet into the ground and open your eyes when you feel present in the moment.

Then write down points of this meditation exercise in a journal for further reference. It is also good to draw out three Angel Cards (any deck) after this as the messages will resemble life areas that require addressing more. Essentially the cards are connecting into your Aura and looking at current life lessons associated with this.

You can also write down a list of goals to achieve within the next 6 months and tick them off once they are completed in a journal.

A vision board behind the bedroom door works more than you think. Make it bright and fun to look at. Use a canvass board, add cut out pictures from magazines, travel brochures and photographs that you have. Place words on it with glue that applies to you. Even if you wish to travel write yourself a fake cheque with a set figure that you will make on there and add photos of your preferred destinations. Look at it daily to keep you on track.

Stress is better left for later to deal with unless you have to address it on the spot. Ask yourself can I sort this out later and if so push it out of your mind until it needs to be looked at again. This will train your brain to simplify life events and in turn allow you to feel more at ease.

I wish you well on your spiritual journey!

Love And Light,


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