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Clearing Energy Techniques With Archangel Michael!

In a busy world it is inevitable that you will cross paths with someone who is feeling emotional at that particular time you are there. Every person carries their own emotional energies and the state of that in their Aura.

When you are a sensitive person or have intuitive abilities it is only natural for you to pick up on the output of these energies others are carrying around with them.

Your Aura extends around you in a circle shape and is approximately the length of a car in-front of and behind you. This also extends to about 5 metres on your left and right hand sides of the body. It is very easy to overlap your aura with someone else's on a daily basis. This can simply happen whilst ordering a coffee or even by sitting on the bus.

It is important that you manage and take care of your own personal energy very well. There isn't any benefit in taking on other peoples emotions of stress, fear or in-ground insecurities.

Archangel Michael is highly compassionate and works with us to clear any unwanted energies that we take on personally or have absorbed that belong to others.

To call upon Archangel Michael it is simple. Put on some lovely relaxation or meditation music that you enjoy to create the ambience in the room.

Then Light a white colour candle near where you will be sitting and place it in the centre of the room on a table if possible. Otherwise anywhere in the room is still sufficient enough. This is because the light emitted into the air is similar to what is up in the Universe after you reach the end of the tunnel when we die. I found this when I had my Near Death Experience. Essentially you are connecting into the Angels energy.

To energetically protect your space and make it easy for Archangel Michael to come through to you. Imagine painting each wall in the home with "Gold Light". This is because all high grade beings in the Universe use golden light to energetically clear other energy in each Chakra that we take on.

Our Spirit Guides have a Gold Aura, the Angels have a gold tone to their skin colour as well and work with golden energy most of the time. It is also the colour of energy that surrounds our passed over loved ones up in the Universe where they stay in-between coming down to Earth to be with loved friends or family members. Gold is the colour that I see when I connect to spirit myself during every reading. It is also the colour of the Egyptian Pyramids which are linked to spirit in many ways.

After you have painted the walls with beautiful sparkly/glittery gold light it is important to balance out its feminine energy with the masculine energy being silver. In the Universe everything is about creating balance which is why we both have feminine and masculine sides to us. In your minds eye imaging painting the roof and floor with beautiful sparkly/glittery silver light.

Comfortably sit in a chair and relax. You may like to place some cushions around you ensuring that your feet are flat on the floor at all times for this exercise. Your connection to spirit is at the top of your head and the energy being release will go into the ground through your feet which is why they can't be elevated.

Then say " I call on Archangel Michael to cut any chords of fear, help clear any stuck energy to situations in life that no longer assist me, remove energy from household items that have been absorbed or dissolve memories to places which affect my present life. Also removed any energetic chords from the past which no longer serve me and need clearing."

After this ask Archangel Michael to dissolve away any thought forms or patterns which are holding you back from feeling happy and whole right now into the near future.

Take a few deep breaths focusing on listening to yourself slowly breathe in and out. With every out breath feel your stress melt away. Notice your breathing and understand that this process is happening for you to re-calibrate the energy in your body and Aura to its natural high state. As a result you are able to work towards feeling more peace, love and joy.

Then ask Archangel Michael to shield you from any persons energy that you may come in contact with for the next 24 hours that will negatively impact you.

After this focus on three things that you will do that day to nurture yourself. It can be take a few minutes to walk barefoot on the grass, have a hot shower or focus on the positives of your day.

Then say " I thank you Archangel Michael for being here with me today and clearing any stuck, stagnant or unwanted energy that I have taken on from my Chakra systems." After this repeat three times in a row "so it is".

You will feel better for working with Archangel Michael and it is a great way to progress on your Spiritual Journey.

Love And Light,


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