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Dealing With Negative Thoughts Until 22ND Of January 2017!

In correlation to our moon cycles each year the Universe energetically sends out an automatic output system that is vibrationally designed for our Aura to pick up on and absorb so we evolve spiritually.

From now until the 22nd of January 2017, the Earth energy is centred around being true to yourself and making positive changes in order to manifest life desired for the year ahead.

When we learn to accept who we are and be fully present in the moment then it is easier to identify key life areas that need developing.

Embarking on the journey of self-reflection can be a challenging task. It is important to be gentle and kind to yourself instead of focusing on past mistakes or regrets.

You can work on feeling stronger in your mind by saying the following positive affirmation to yourself every morning for one month " I am ready to receive good things into my life right now". Your subconscious mind is powerful and will respond to this repeat pattern and help replace negative thoughts.

When an unwanted thought comes into your mind it is essential to envision pushing it out of your body. There are many ways to dispose of these thoughts:

1. For example imagine having it written on a piece of paper in a bottle and throwing it out to sea.

2. You can also write it on paper and burn it if desired. Whatever suits you best to get rid of these thoughts and memories will often help you to move forward.

Also it is important to take a few moments each day to sit down in a chair and focus on your breathing. Notice taking in a deep breath of fresh clean air and on every out breath release feelings of tension, stress, anger, resentment and anything bothering you at that time.

Where possible drink as much water as you can imagining placing rainbow coloured light into the glass. As you drink it think of the beautiful different colours spreading through your body. Our Chakras are all linked to rainbow colours and this will help activate them to perform at their peak. This can also be achieved with food if desired.

By walking barefoot on the grass each day/sand you are connecting into the Earth energy and absorbing into your feet a positive natural current which in turn will make you feel more calm and grounded/present in the moment.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey for 2017!

Love and Light,

Michelle Vidler

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