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How To Contact Your Angels And Spirit Guides?

The first step to developing any Spiritual gifts is to gain a sense of what is feels like to touch energy. This includes your own personal Aura and the energy that your Angels transmit when they are around you.

Once you learn how to master this it is then your pathway to developing further by opening up your Psychic intuition and channel to the Universe on a level that allows the information to flow form them to you. The frequency that is created will be easier to read in various forms such as knowing meanings, hearing words, seeing images and feeling emotions that Angels are telling you at that time. This is how you can start on your journey towards connecting to the Universe for guidance.Everything is based on receiving energy which is why it is important to practice.

Ways to do this are:

Sit down in a quiet room with some Shamanic Drumming Music playing softly in the background. This can be found online through YouTube. The sound vibration from the drums will align with that of the Angels.

Light a white candle and place it in the centre of the room or on a table in-front of you. Take a few deep breaths whilst staring at the flame. Notice your in-breath releasing all tension in your shoulders and abdominal areas. With every out-breath feel the daily stress melt away. Knowing that you have left your worries and concerns at the door for the next little while.

It is time to call in your Angels to this room. As you sit there imagine in your minds eye painting the walls that surround you with a beautiful gold light. The brush strokes are flowing and you feel safe during this time. The roof and floor are going to then be painted a pure silver in colour. This allows you to connect to Angels in a protected environment free from negative energies whilst balancing the Ying and Yang of the room.

It is a good idea to have a notebook in-front of you now. Then say "it is my intention to the Universe that I call upon my Angels and Guides to come down and assist me in every way possible" this is you giving up any free will holding them back form trying to contact you. Your Angels can only assist if you allow them to.

Pay attention to the drumming sound of the music whilst staring back into the candles flame. Take some time to be present in the moment and listen to the sound of your breathing. As you relax further your conscious mind will connect into your intuition. This is where you will download any guidance from Spirit in this room.

It takes practice and time. You may find that you receive an image of a colour, picture, hear a few words, see a vision with your eyes open or gain a sense of smell such as smoke or perfume. These are all forms of messages from your Angels and Guides at that time which are meant for you.

For the next ten minutes close your eyes and visualise a bright light coming towards you. Try to see your Angel or Spirit Guides, what do they look like? is there any noticeable features around them? do they appear tall or short? ask them to let you know a name. Try to grasp it in your mind and if you are not sure ask is this name correct repeating it over and over until you feel sure. Just know that any questions you ask it is good to start off with a yes or no answer to it. Over time your gifts will develop and it will become easier to practice this technique.

Whilst you are sitting here with your eyes closed slowly place your left hand up in-front of you unless your non-dominant hand is the opposite. Move this hand up towards your head and then down towards your knees. Repeat this three times. You are essentially feeling the outside of your Aura on its emotional level which is basically two rulers in length in-front of you. Slowly bring your hand back towards your chest and then out again. You will notice that you feel different when this energy is touched by your hand. You may feel tingling in the palm and fingers, have a cold or hot sensation that is different to your everyday body temperature.

From here keeping your eyes closed place both hands alongside each other so that the palms are facing inwards. Your hands are around one ruler apart. Then bring your right hand to touch the left repeatedly for ten times. After this slow the movement down and after the second time you will notice that you are feeling your own energy from your hands.

Place your left hand on your heart, take three deep breaths and ask your Angels or Spirit Guides to show you a message that you need to know right now. Keeping your eyes closed at all times. Try not to push any thoughts out of your mind and trust in anything that comes to you.

Sit here for a short while and try to gauge a sense of what your Angel feels like to be around you. Now that you have practiced connecting into your own energy then you will be receptive to psychically picking up on any Angelic or Spirit Guide energy around you.

When you feel the time is right slowly open your eyes, push your feet into the floor and focus on the candle light again. Once you have done this you will be present in the room. Draw your attention to the music and think of five things that you want to change right now in life to make you feel happier. Remove fear or self-doubt from the equation.

On the notebook have each point in bullet form so that it is easy to refer back to at a later stage. Try to include an area to change in your daily life, one to work on in your family life, one towards following your dreams, one for the type of person you would like to be within the next three months and the last one including something that you can do to help others.

Essentially you are now connecting into your own intuition and recording various words on ways to improve your life. Your Angels are here to assist you in making changes on an emotional level and your Spirit Guides have lived before in similar circumstances that you are dealing with during this lifetime. You will find that your Angels are assigned to you through your whole life whilst Spirit Guides change roughly every six months as you evolve further on your Life Path.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey and enjoy working with these beautiful energies.



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