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Do You Have A Blocked Foot Chakra?

A Chakra is basically the wheel of energy that is absorbed from others, our own feelings in life and the link to our Spiritual connection up in the Universe.

Our Psychic connection and well-being heavily relies on the condition of each Chakra in our bodies. Which is why that the foot Chakra is often overlooked and one of the most important Chakras out of them all.

By having a healthy Foot Chakra you allow the required energy to flow through each Chakra in our body and then you can release any stagnant, unwanted and toxic energies that we do not need through our feet into the Earth. This is a necessary part of life to assist you both Spiritually and Physically.

Signs that you have a blocked foot Chakra is:

1. Feeling tired or Fatigued daily

2. Suffer from insomnia

3. Nightmares occur regularly in a 4 week period

4. Feel stuck and heavy to move out of a chair

5. You feel disconnected from your emotions

6. You are sensitive to other peoples emotional states

7. You feel restless or anxious regularly

8. You feel disorientated or confused such as not being able to make a decision or have short bouts of being off-balance

9. If you have been Psychically attacked (feeling heaviness on your back, regularly thinking of a person that has hurt you emotionally and feeling overwhelmed)

If you have answered YES to any TWO of the above points, then your feet Chakras are blocked or closed off.

How a healthy Foot Chakra can help you?

1. Reduces Tiredness or Fatigue

2. Assists you in maintaining a deeper and more restful sleep pattern

3. Removes some blockages related to manifestation

4. Allows you to feel more present in the moment

5. You don't take onboard others emotional states unless you consciously choose to do so.

6. You feel more comfortable in your own skin

7. The foggy haze is lifted from your mind allowing you to experience more clear thoughts during the day

8. Eliminates negative energies where possible and also removes energy from Psychic Attacks through your feet into the ground.

Two Ways to Open/Unblock your Foot Chakras?

1. Stand barefoot on the grass or sand. Imagine your feet in your minds eye and take a few deep breaths to connect into your own bodies energy.

Then draw your attention to each chakra on the bottom of your foot. Start the process with your left foot and then go to the right one afterwards before taking the next step.

The Chakras are what you see in the picture linked to this post and will be your guide to visualise the coloured dots as you work on opening them back up.

Visualise thick tree roots coming from the bottom of your feet (both left and right) like a drinking straw. The best colours of this straw to choose from are Red, Orange, Green or Purple as they too are linked energetically to other Chakras in the body. In addition to this these colours are also used by the Archangels in the Universe for healing on you.

Once the tree roots have gone into the ground imagine it going through the layers of rock, then through the crystals and into the red hot Earth's Core. This is where your tree roots will be embedded.

Visualise each colour Chakra on your feet one at a time opening and spinning around at medium speed being careful not to spin them roughly or overly fast. If you spin it clockwise and count to three then do it again you are on the right time scale.

Once you feel that you have opened each Chakras then ensure that your straws are firmly in place in the Earth's Core. Then leave these straws there and slowly draw your attention to coming back up through the layers of rock in your minds eye and stop when you see your feet on top of the ground. You have just grounded yourself and allowed the energy to flow from you that no longer serves you after opening up your Chakras on the feet.

It is important to ground yourself at least three times a week with the tree roots. However your spinning of the Chakras in your feet will last for 2-3 months before needing this process to be repeated. You can just simply follow the tree root technique on its own to ground yourself.

2. You can also use a bucket with Rose Quartz, Dalmation Jasper, Red Jasper, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystal tumble stones in warm water. It is preferable to add two teaspoons of Sea Salt and one teaspoon of Pink Rock Salt to the bucket. This will energetically clear your Chakras whilst the vibrational frequencies of each crystal works on your body systems.

Leave your feet in the bucket until the water cools down and then remove them. Gently pat them dry with a nice fluffy towel and enjoy the rest of your day.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Path and know that this will assist you.



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