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What Is Fear Telling You?

Fear comes from feeling a lack of safety or being overwhelmed from past or current events. This often presents itself when we feel stuck from moving forward or are divided to which choice is best to make now for the future.

A minimal amount of stress is healthy for each of us to be motivated into making important life changes avoiding a tendency to procrastinate. When it becomes chronic our emotional state suffers often presenting us with physical symptoms which can include fatigue, tension headaches, tight abdominal muscles, higher blood pressure or even a faster pulse rate.

Regardless of life experiences it is a basic human right to feel grounded, stable and know ourselves the best that we can. Philosophers have backed up these claims for years.

Spiritually there is a strong link to this too, in our Root Chakra otherwise known as "Muladhara". It is located at the base of our spine governing the energy flow through our legs, feet, large intestine, colon and bones.

Scientists have discovered that our brains are linked to the large intestine and stomach areas when it sends signals for us to look at what our bodies need paying attention to. The brain can override thoughts which are not accurate whereas our bodies display symptoms in the physical form to draw our attention to a particular area. That is why when a person worries about a life issue feelings of nausea can arise forming an emotional effect.

If you suffer from food sensitivities, stomach bloating especially within two hours after you stress or at least twenty minutes later from consuming food this is a strong sign your Root Charka is out of balance which means the flow of energy is not working as it should be. By having this working at its peak food sensitivities not food allergies themselves can decrease in severity.

Others who suffer from issues related to fearing that they won't have enough money or be able to provide for themselves of the family, those who experience a lack of self-confidence find it difficult to loose weight around the abdominal torso, thighs, buttocks, feel swelling on the legs, find it difficult to concentrate or resist structure in life strongly fall into the category of needing to clear energetic blockages from this chakra to ensure that the energy flow is restored allowing each person to feel more present in life.

Some positive ways to assist you are listed below:

1) Each morning say this affirmation "I am protected in every way and know that each of my needs are met today" Say it three times in a row and finish with this is my intention to the Universe, so it is, so it is, so it is.

2) Imagine a giant vacuum gold coloured cylinder tube coming from above your head to suck away any negative energy that is held in your chakras.

Call in the Angels by saying it is my intention to have my Angels work with me now to clear as much energy as possible on my Chakra and Spiritual Auric Fields for my highest good. This will ensure that all layers of energy are worked on for you.

They will adjust the suction pace as it is cleared which is what that chakra requires to be energetically repaired. Just close your eyes of a few minutes and relax as much as you can.

3) Drink a glass of water imagining that is has colours of the rainbow through it as each chakra corresponds with these colours and Universal Energy does as well. This will help you.

4) Sit down and listen to a guided Chakra Meditation for your Root Chakra which will focus on clearing the energy through sound vibrational therapy techniques. This is a good start and as you progress there are many further yet complex ways to work on clearing with sound.

I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey!



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