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Are You Stressed?

Stress can be detrimental to your health when it has been endured for long periods of time.

The definition of stress is a psychological response to thoughts, feelings or emotions which cause your mind to work harder often presenting tension in the body. This is okay in short bursts to help motivate positive life changes. When it becomes chronic people often discover feelings of anxiousness, find it more difficult to go into the deep dream cycles that the body is designed to do at night, can also discover weight gain and an increase in fluid retention throughout the body.

This is because your brain talks to the stomach. Both of these areas hold nerve cells which reflect your emotional state and bounce off of each other. That is why when you feel emotional or uneasy about a situation the stomach muscles often tense up. Your abdomen alone otherwise known as the second brain has 50-100 million powerful nerve cells that absorb this information.

When a stressful situation occurs in life the brain can trigger a release of adrenaline which adds to the current level of tension that you are already experiencing such as feeling overwhelmed or unable to achieve desired results of a task in the allocated time-frame that you have set.

In the Universe there are no clocks, phones or time limits because everyone is up there experiencing happiness and unconditional love without time demands or errands to run. Why not detox stress from your life as much as possible on Earth so that you too can feel happier deep within?.

A good first step where possible it is to find a quiet place to sit and take a few deep breaths noticing how your stomach rises and falls. Paying attention to your inner breath filling the lungs with clean and positive air. Then on every out breath releasing stress, worry and tension into the air.

Then say "I call on Archangel Michael to vacuum away any stuck, stagnant or unwanted energy in my Auric Fields and other Body Systems that no longer serve me well". Close your eyes, imagine that you are inside a clear cylinder tube. It extends above your head up to the roof if you are inside or similar distance if you are outdoors. The tube also stops at the souls of your feet.

In your minds eye imagine a beautiful royal blue colour light coming through this tube from the top and leaving out of your feet into the ground. This process will only take about three to five minutes in total to clear your energy. You may also like to think of this energy being sucked away like a vacuum cleaner does that has a hose. Archangel Michael covers each Chakra and relevant parts of your body to be cleared when you visualise the tube.

Once you feel lighter or that the process is complete slowly open your eyes. Press each foot into the floor, notice your hands and then stretch each arm ensuring that you feel present in the room.

It is also a great idea to have a drink of cold water which will ground you and can help relax you more.

This is a lovely activity to use when you need to feel less stress.

I wish you well on your journey,



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