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What Happens To Pets When They Die?

Pets provide unconditional love and devotion to their human family in life. Every single animal besides its basic instincts have a need to feel loved and express their personalities for happiness. They too experience a vast array of emotions similar to people and have a purpose on Earth like each and every one of us do.

Often pets are sent to come into our lives from Spirit including passed over loved ones or the Angels who feel we need some extra support. Our furry friends can help open up your heart to expressing your feelings more, provide company when you are lonely or guide you through hard times by just being there.

Many pets who suffer illness will live longer than a wild animal due to the love and devotion that they feel towards their owner. Once he/she passes away we are left grieving and many people seek my assistance to contact their pet.

A few moments before they pass away you will notice a glazed look in your pets eyes. This is them seeing the tunnel ahead and starting to feel euphoria. No matter what there will always be an Angelic Figure who greets your friend to walk through the tunnel and into a stunning oval Gold light with an outline around the outside of it being an Emerald Green in colour. This carries them through to the pet round called Eutopia. It is peaceful, has lakes and lush gardens. Each animal co-exist in harmony carrying on the same form that they did on Earth.

Your pet does not loose any memories of you, they are able to visit wherever you are at any time and can also walk alongside passed over relatives up in the Universe on other Spiritual Planes.

If you have lost a furry friend please know that they are able to hear you. By thinking of them, feeling the love and bond you both shared will connect you into their energy fields. Then in your minds eye you can ask that pet to come and be with you any time you want them near. This will always be heard, pets are loyal and will come to visit.

Often people in-tune with their intuition will experience a tingling sensation in their palms, see specks of dust like particles in the air or have a feeling of peace that their pet is amongst them at that time.

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey it is comforting to know that you are never alone and your furry friend still shares a piece of their heart with you in spirit.

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