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A Five Minute Way To Boost Your Energy!

A Five Minute Way To Boost Energy!

I find that having a busy life that it is inevitable you will feel fatigued at some stage throughout the day.

By using the following method I have channelled from Spirit and practiced for years you are able to spiritually supercharge your Energy Centres (Chakra Systems) in the Physical Body where possible which then extends into the Auric Fields (Electromagnetic Fields around the outside of your body).

This technique allows your main Energy Centres to re-calibrate their vibrational frequency (the rate of energy output in that particular area) and help to restore a more continual and even flow of energy around the body.

1. Sit in a chair or on the grass outside with your back straight ensuring that your feet are touching the ground. Each foot needs to be flat so that you can physically push it into the ground or floor where you are practicing this exercise before moving onto the next step.

2. In your minds eye imagine the sun shining brightly above you. Visualise the intensity its rays getting hot similar to the heat of a Summer afternoon. Notice the top of your head warming up as if you were sitting in the direct sunlight.

3. Feel this heat slowly move down your head, face, chin and neck. It then travels to your chest, past your heart, to your stomach, below your navel where it rests for a short while until you feel ready for the next step.

3. Once you have felt the sun bathe your whole body in its light. Imagine it travelling right down to your feet.

4. After this has happened place your right hand onto your heart and visualise putting the sun and its bright energy similar to when you look up at the sky to see it into this area of your body.

5. Then repeat the above step in your stomach area moving down to the lower abdominal cavity which is located about 3 inches below your belly button.

6. When you feel the time is right hold both hands by placing one on each knee at the same time and pour these beautiful, strong energy rays of the sun into your knees. The purpose of holding your focus here is to balance out any emotional energy that is being stored in this area.

7. Once you sense that the colour of these rays from the sun are becoming dull in your minds image or have a inner knowingness please follow your intuition and trust that this exercise has been completed to the best of your ability.

Thank you for reading on this method which is close to my heart and I encourage you to practice it whenever you would like to as I know how much it has helped me over the years.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey!



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