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Decoding Your Dreams!

When you sleep your subconscious mind accesses thoughts, feelings, fears, concerns, images and random pictures which is all a normal part of the dream cycle process.

Your Psychic intuition is also linked into this part of your brain. When you fall asleep the Universe is able to provide messages to assist you in life up until the following three months. Whilst it is common for a dream to come true years later Spirit wants to help provide comfort and understanding for you right now so that you can make positive changes and find extra happiness.

There are a few steps that you can take to decode each remembered dream:

1. Have a pen and journal next to the bed so when you wake up you are able to write any images, colours, feelings, people and situations that have been shown to you in that dream.

2. Try not to push yourself to remember everything and always relax by taking deep breaths in and out. It is okay if you write ten pages or one word. Every person is different and this is a technique which improves with practice.

3. After you have a description written down try to research each meaning online or by buying a Dream Book.

Some common symbols are:

* Falling in love with a person- means you are staring the process of appreciating a certain part of yourself. From this more self-confidence will come into your life. Then you would seek positive affirmations to feel happier.

* Seeing clouds in the sky- if they are grey then your thoughts are constantly changing in life right now. If they are white then there will be a positive outcome. It is important to have acceptance in life right now.

* Physical pain in your body- focus on what area it is showing you in the dream such as your stomach indicates feeling insecure around receiving enough money, love and success.

If the pain is in your chest then past emotional hurts are holding you back from moving forward right now. From here you would look up Chakra meanings for that particular area to focus on making positive emotional changes to feel more free and happy with matters of the heart.

Your dreams will describe a picture to you once they are studied long term. This is the easiest way for your Angels to help provide guidance. It takes a while to decode each dream and over time will present themselves to you in greater detail.

I wish you all the best on this exciting journey!

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