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Discover Your Happy Place!

When we think positive thoughts our brain has the capacity to grow new nerve cell connections which are based from our thought patterns. When we regularly practice positive thinking our brain circuits talk to the nervous system in our body helping us to relax more and handle stress.

Plus the Spiritual Laws of attraction focus on the principle that what we think we create in life. It is important to have a happy place you can quickly think of in a matter of one minute during times of stress, when you are emotional or feeling a little overwhelmed to help lift your mood and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

For me I often recall a childhood memory feeding the ducks with beautiful gardens surrounding me. This instantly provides a feeling of calmness.

Your happy place can be:

1. A flower 2. Childhood memory 3. Favourite animal 4. A nice colour in the shape of a rainbow 5. An image such as a stunning diamond, imagining yourself inside an Egyptian Pyramid.

Whatever you choose the options are limitless. Sit somewhere quiet and find what memory or image is close to your heart.

Then throughout the day recall this happy place and notice how it makes you feel. The more you think about it the easier it will become to be present in that moment as if you were there right now.

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