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Interesting Facts I Know About The Afterlife?

I often get asked many questions from people curious to what happens in the afterlife. Prior to resuscitation I was lucky enough to be able to experience the peace, serenity and joy up in the Universe. I thought that tonight I would outline some interesting facts for you to read.

Do you know when you die?

When I flatlined everything went black as I had passed out, I then saw myself floating above my body and the doctors working on me. At this point I knew that I was dyeing. This is a very quick realisation because one minute you are present in life and the next seeing yourself in this state.

Is there Angles there to greet you when you die?

At first you feel alone for a few minutes and then an Angel always comes to be by your side and show you the way through to your Life Review. After this you travel to the tunnel and light.

Why are there Earth Bound Spirits?

When people have passed away suddenly from an accident or trauma it is common for them to want to stay behind and be with their family. I checked in on mine prior to going to the tunnel and light. If I had have chosen not to step into the tunnel then I would have remained behind with my loved ones without Angels taking me through to pass over. Once you go through this process in the Universe it is fine to come and visit your loved ones.

When my passed over loved ones greet me at the tunnel is the connection of love still so strong as it was on Earth?

Yes, there is unconditional love up in the Universe which means that you have not been forgotten. The chords of love are strong and you can instantly connect into how they are feeling. This is why there is such a intense sense of peace up there.

Do pets greet you when you die?

Initially you will go through the tunnel and into the light. From there you are able to travel to different planes. Your pets reside in a place called Eutopia. They are happy, there is lush gardens, green grass and its is truly paradise. They will rush up to you and take on the same form as they did when they were alive. If you lost a Rough Collie dog then you will be greeted by one. The best part is your connection is even more intense up in the spiritual planes than here on Earth.

Is death something to fear?

No, once you go through the tunnel the amount of peace and tranquility is beyond comprehension. You are not alone and feel supported. I was surprised at just how at peace I felt with myself and the environment I was in at that time.

Do children go to the same place?

Yes, however when a child passes away there is always at least two Angels waiting to direct them. This makes the process easier so that they are not scared and have a positive experience.

The child's Guardian Angel is always there. Most children will describe the light or see these beings prior to passing away. Many of cases have been documented of children telling parents about Angels waiting for them in the room before their death.

Do we stay in this Galaxy?

When you go through the tunnel you travel faster than the speed of light into another Galaxy. The planets affect us here because in the Universe there are so many which are essentially realms. So one one your pets reside, on another there are Angels etc.

What colour is the Tunnel?

You travel through the Tunnel which is clear. That way you can see everything at that time. The interesting part is you are going upwards not on a flat straight line. It is so calming that even if you fear heights your thoughts are programmed to see this experience without fear as you are an essence and have no physical body.

What does it feel like to be out of your body?

You look down and see yourself as a physical person but your body is slightly transparent and you feel light in weight. There is no pain or suffering that you experience prior to death. This applies to everyone.

Thank you for letting me share some of these facts with you.

Sending Angel Blessings,


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