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Why Tune Into Your Body?

It is beneficial to tune into your bodies needs especially if you have experienced Body Depression. This is where you have had a significant impact on your emotional well-being in life from feeling anger or sadness such as a relationship breakup that was not wanted by yourself, the passing of a loved one, suffering from a traumatic event or abuse.

Some common symptoms include:

* Feeling a tightness in the chest

* Have trouble falling asleep

* Finding it difficult to wind down your thoughts before sleep

* Abdominal Muscles feel tight and your body feels achy

* You are sensitive to some opinions others may hold of you

* Hormones can fluctuate

* You feel overwhelmed, have a fast pulse rate or can't relax

* Eating for comfort or having no appetite during stressful times

* You overspend money seeking to feel better momentary

* Energy is lacking

* You feel grief, loneliness, frustration or sadness

* Life is not what you thought it should be at this age

* It is hard to focus and remember important things short term

* You lose your train of thought easily

The right hand side of your brain covers 50% emotions and 50% intuition. This is where you feel everything which is stored in the brain plus you then have the Universe providing messages of guidance to help you along the way in this same area. That is why people can find it difficult to know what is their own thoughts and what is intuition when trying to find the solution for a particular life problem.

That information is then transferred over to the left hand side of your brain to work through every thought pattern, image and other peoples opinions that you have taken on board that day in order to try and make sense of this information.

Prior to resuscitation my spiritual connection was always looking to my left hand side during a reading as I was recalled information they showed me. Now after this has happened I look to my right 100% of the time which is a fresh downpour of information channelled into my intuitive side of the brain. That is how I am able to provide such highly detailed and accurate messages to clients in the form of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. It is all to do with how we receive messages which are relayed to us. My thoughts are clear from my own and I know guidance straight away. You can listen to your body too and learn how to separate each of them for yourself over time.The exercise listed further below will be a great step for you towards doing this.

Our body then stores energy in seven centres of the body which correlate to emotional areas which require changing of thought patterns. Once you tap into this then you are able to know exactly where to start.

Please use a piece of paper and pen. Then write down which of the following areas relate to you and add anything you feel is relevant to this Chakra for your own records. You will be identifying key emotional areas which affect a particular part of your body by storing energy in that Chakra.

1. The Root Chakra affects your own health especially through experiencing food allergies, immune system issues, pain or pressure in the lower back/hips/thigh/joints and muscles, if you fear lack of financial security or have difficulty receiving enough love or support in family relationships then this is the best place for you to focus what your body feels in this area physically.

2. The Sacral Chakra is related to concerns about romantic love and if you have enough or lack of it in your life. It covers your reproductive organs, bladder and appendix.

3.The Solar Plexus Chakra is very important as it pays attention to your self-esteem, how much self-love you hold and heavily impacts on the running of your digestive tract especially around the stomach, gallbladder and rate of metabolism. If you find it difficult to loose weight here or take on others energy easily this is the first body area that you need to pay attention to.

4.The Heart Chakra looks at your own emotional and physical self-care, how you interact with partnerships, emotional feelings towards yourself and others plus what type of boundaries do you set in life when talking to significant people in your life. The area covers your heart and lungs.

5.The Throat Chakra relates to your neck, thyroid, teeth, jaw and any clenching of the facial muscles. If you notice any problems in this area pay attention to your words. Are you expressing yourself enough? is there anything holding you back from being comfortable in telling people how you feel?

6.The Third Eye Chakra covers eyes and ears. This area is about your perception on life and the direct link to seeing images or drawing your attention to a particular object that crosses your path such as a silver coin on the ground (pay attention right now to what you are doing) or a butterfly spreading its wings (transformation is in progress) to symbolise meanings towards emotional changes.

7. The Crown Chakra is your channel from Spirit to all areas of the body. Depending on how open and clear it is the more messages which are energetically able to be delivered to each Chakra system so that you can read into which area requires changing. The trick is to be as highly connected and open to Spirit as possible. That way you will receive more messages.

Also Chakras are spinning wheels of energy which are all linked into our physical organs to establish how the body runs. If you feel foggy, unsure in life or bump into things regularly this is the first place that you look at developing. Often listening to a clearing meditation will help you.

Each area of your body will let you know if something emotionally bothering you requires change or to be looked at. Choose a Chakra and write down how you feel for seven days in that area. Keep it brief as you like but be sure to record any tight sensations or noticeable events before your body reacted that way. For example If you require dietary changes with dairy then you will feel in the stomach area pain and when you eliminate it from your diet the energy flow will improve. You will have the added benefit of feeling your bodies energy which is a great tool to have in all areas of your life.

From here it is a good idea to look out for my upcoming blog on which manifestation to say in relation to your particular Chakra area. Establishing a mind and body connection is essential to assisting the flow of energy and replacing negative thought patterns which are holding you back. It is a process and the above exercise is your first point of call.

I wish you all the very best in your Spiritual Journey!

Sending Angel Blessings

Michelle Vidler

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